Maps For Sale

Disposal of surplus maps from CAHMS' archive.

Local maps for sale

Reorganising our map collection has resulted in a stock of surplus maps which are either duplicates, or from outside our area. We would like the space in our map cabinet, but they're too interesting to send them for recycling. Someone must be able to make use of them.

Many of these maps have led a hard life. They are not being sold as pristine artefacts for display, but as useful local studies research tools. Prices will reflect this.

The 'Condition' column in the list below is my attempt to make a subjective judgement. Broadly speaking, a '1' is whole, in sound condition, relatively tidy and entirely functional, though it may be a little frayed around the edges and have small amounts of annotation. A '2' is worse, possibly with tears and significant annotation, but still basically complete and useable. A '3' is likely to be incomplete, or a low quality copy, but still of use for research (if you don't live in the area which has been torn off!). 

We would prefer purchasers to collect them direct from the museum, though we will post at cost if required. But please don't just turn up at the museum unannounced, because they aren't kept there.

Please email us on for specific details.  

The following list is of available Ordnance Survey County Series maps, last updated 18/01/2019. These are 1 in 2500 scale (just over 25 inches to the mile) from the Second Revision dating from about 1905. (See next table for a few more recent maps).

Number Qty Coverage Condition Comments
XLIV.1 (44.1) 1 Witheridge 3 'blue' copy
XLIV.5 (44.5) 1 Thelbridge 2  
XLIV.6 (44.6) 1 Henceford Moor (somewhere near Cruwys Morchard) 1 minor annotation
XLIV.9 (44.9) 1 Washford Pyne 2 small piece torn out
LIV.3 (54.3) 1 Morchard Bishop (W) 3 torn, missing bits
LIV.16 (54.16) 1 Copplestone 3 bottom half only
LV.13 (55.13) 1 West Sandford, Ruxford Barton 3 bottom LH corner torn off
LVII.2 (57.2) 1 Cullompton 1 some annotations
LVII.4 (57.4) 1 Kentis Moor/Walrond Wood (nr Kentisbeare) 1  
LVII.6 (57.6) 1 East of Bradninch 3 RH 1/3 cut off
LXVI.1 (66.1) 3 West Bow/Broad Nymet 1 / 2 2 has folds
LXVI.4 (66.4) 1 Knowle, Coleford (N) 3 top half only
LXVI.8 (66.8) 1 Yeoford 3 LH edge missing
LXVII.1 (67.1) 2 Barnstaple Cross 3  
LXVII.2 (67.2) 5 North Crediton 1  
LXVII.3 (67.3) 1 Shobrooke Park 1  
LXVII.6 (67.6) 8 South Crediton 1 / 2 1 'blue' copy
LXVII.7 (67.7) 4 Downes/Wellparks 1 / 2  
LXVII.9 (67.9) 1 Neopardy, Gunstone 3  
LXVII.10 (67.10) 1 Uton, Venny Tedburn 1 / 3 one is top half only
LXVII.11 (67.11) 1 Hookway 2 / 3 one is top half only
LXVII.12 (67.12) 4 Newton St Cyres 1  
LXVIII.1 (68.1) 1 Shute, Yendacott Manor 1  
LXXVIII.3 (78.3) 1 Pitton, Wilson (further W of Tedburn St Mary) 1  
LXXVIII.4 (78.4) 1 Down, Lewdon (W of Tedburn St Mary) 2  
LXXVIII.7 (78.7) 1 Holewell Moor, Honeyford, Polford, Lambert (W of Cheri Bishop) 3  
LXXIX.1 (79.1) 1 Tedburn St Mary 1  
CXVI.2 & 3 (116.2&3) 1 Maidencombe/Gabwell/Rocombe 1  


We also have some more recent Ordnance Survey National Grid maps available, as follows. All are in sound condition and serviceable. A few have been folded, and/or are copies on slightly thinner paper than original.

Number Date Coverage
SS 8202-8302 1970 Sandford, Mooracre, Venn
SS 6313 1954 Ashreigney (E)
SS 7601-7701 1970 Coleford (not S), Coplestone House, Broomhill, Bolts Farm,
SX 8299-8399 1965 Crediton (SW), Fordton, Salmonhutch (N), Denbury, Beare Farm, Great Park, Lower Park
SS 8601-8701 1970 Shobrooke, St Swithuns church, Shobrooke Barton, Moor Farm, Higher Pennicott, Shobrooke House