"Curious Kirton - An Easy History of the Devon Town of Crediton"

A simple but fairly comprehensive history of Crediton. £4

This book is part of the Crediton History Series.

Cover of book 'Curious Kirton' by Rev Anthony Geering


Publisher:Crediton Area History Society

Publication date:2011


Written by Rev Anthony Geering, rector in the town for 16 years. This is an update of a book with the same title originally published in 1998. Rev. Geering said “I am delighted this book has been reissued. The words in the title were carefully chosen because Kirton is a proud name that needs to live on in our community and says a lot about our history. ‘Curious’ is harder to explain but I think all the quirky things about our town are what makes us special and distinctive.”

The Society’s fundraising officer David Nation, who had contacted Rev Geering to republish the book, said: “Anthony’s easy to read book provides a fairly comprehensive history of the town in an interesting and unpretentious way. It says it all in a small volume and is just the sort of read people are looking for if they want an understanding of Crediton through the ages. We are most grateful to Rev Geering for working with us on this, and Crediton Chamber of Commerce, who have sponsored production of the book, the first in the ‘Crediton History’ series we shall be publishing over the next few years.”