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Documents relating to the legacies of Thomas and Thomasine Colliton

The extract below from page 54 of "The Report  of the Commissioners concerning Charities containing that part which relates to the County of Devon Vol. III"  (1830) explains the background of the Thomas Colliton Chaity:

"It appears from a tablet in the church, that Thomas Colliton, by his will, bearing date 18th July 1734, gave 1s. weekly, for ever, to be paid on Monday in every week, to be laid out in bread, and distributed on lecture day", by the clerk, among such four of the poor persons then attending divine service, as the vicar of Crediton, or his assistant, should appoint to receive the same; and that he also gave to the charity school established in Crediton, 10s. to be paid yearly, at Christmas, called Dickersham. The present proprietor of the field called Dickersham, is Mr. Samuel Davey, who in respect of this gift, sends, every Wednesday, four three-penny loaves to the church (divine service with a sermon, being performed on that day), where they are distributed by the clerk, under the superintendance of the minister, to four old persons who have attended tthe service. A list is kept of poor old persons, considered objects of charity, who receive the bread in rotation, if in attendance at the church. Mr Davy also pays 10s. a year, as directed, towards the support of the Crediton charity schools, the application of which will be stated in the account of those schools."

This is not to be confused with "Thomasine Colliton's Gift" established in 1768:

"By indenture, bearing date the 3d of February, 1768, and enrolling in chancery, Thomasine Colliton granted to the twelve governors of the hereditaments and goods of the church of Crediton, and their successors, for ever, an annuity of 2l. 12s. to be issuing out of a close, called the Three Cornered Field, situate near Red hill, in Crediton, upon trust, to apply, weekly, the sum of 1s. in purchasing four three-penny loaves of bread, to be distributed on Fridays, for ever, to such four persons (one loaf to each) attending divine service, in the parish church of Crediton, on Fridays, as should appear to the vicar, or assistant minister of the same parish, to be the greatest objects of charity."


  • Extracts giving details of the Colliton Gift
  • Correspondence about the head rent on Dickersham, Downes Estate, 1971/2 & 1977 (1971 - 1977)
  • Letter from the Charity Commissioners about the Colliton Charities (1987)

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