File 13 Tree Maintenance

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Various documents relating to the maintenance of trees on church land


  • Account from Gimlett’s for work in Church Yard (1882)
  • Letter concerning the felling of a Walnut Tree in Vicarage Garden (1954)
  • Correspondence concerning the condition of Lime trees in Churchyard (1951)
  • Letter concerning Poplar trees in Churchyard (1956)
  • Correspondence concerning root grubbing and damage to paths (1949 - 1950)
  • Estimates for pulling down Lime tree in Churchyard (1949)
  • Letter concerning the state of the Lime trees in the Churchyard (1936 - 1937)
  • Letter concerning the trees in Exminster Churchyard (1882)
  • Estimate from J Raddon for tree lopping in Churchyard (1954)
  • :  Private item
  • Correspondence and estimates for lopping or felling of trees (1948 - 1949)
  • Letter concerning the state of a Lime tree in the S/W corner of Churchyard
  • Correspondence concerning the provision of flowers on Dulcibella Dunsford grave (1948 - 1951)
  • Letter concerning the provision of a coniferous tree to act as a Christmas tree (1988)
  • :  Private item
  • Correspondence concerning the felling of trees in the Churchyard (1967)

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