File 80 Church Fabric

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Documents relating to the maintenance of church fabric


  • Correspondence and receipts for maintenance of Church Clock
  • Various documents relating to repairs
  • Letter from John Hayward concerning re-glazing (1877)
  • Various papers mainly relating to the Lady Chapel
  • Correspondence about the provision of a lightning conductor (1933)
  • Dedication of new Altar Rails in memory of John Symes (1946)
  • Various papers mainly relating to repairs to the church windows
  • Various documents relating to repairs to the church roof & guttering
  • Papers relating to theft and insurance
  • Various papers relating to church roof repairs
  • Correspondence about a cupboard for the Gas Meter at the Church (1968)
  • Various papers
  • Correspondence about death watch beetle (1949 - 1957)
  • Letters concerning the provision of a flagstaff on the tower (1889)
  • Oath to say that the original documents of the Church Governors have been passed to the Society of Antiquaries (undated)
  • Letter about the repainting of the sundial (1956)
  • Dykes Bower report on Crediton Church (undated)
  • Various papers
  • Various correspondence about heating the Church
  • Various papers
  • Various papers
  • Miscellaneous correspondence

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