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Various legal papers


  • Affidavit of Charles Gregory, Clerk (1848)
  • Statement of the facts of the scheme (1847)
  • Draft Affidavit of Mr F E Smith (1857)
  • Letter concerning a schedule of arrears (1852)
  • Affidavit of Mr James Thomas, builder concerning an apprenticeship (1849)
  • Draft affidavit, no name inserted (undated)
  • Draft affidavit of William Berry, mason, concerning John Praul(?) (undated)
  • Draft affidavit of Mr Stone the Vestry Clerk (undated)
  • Draft affidavit of Mr John Hall (undated)
  • Document placing defendants in contempt of court (undated)
  • Letter requesting Governors to bring an “Account of Head” to court (1856)
  • Draft affidavit of John Hayward, architect (1856)
  • List of papers sent to Messrs Gregory & Co, London (1853)
  • Office copy of certificate of costs (1856)
  • Draft affidavit of Benjamin Cleave (undated)
  • Draft affidavit of James Thomas (undated)
  • Draft affidavit of John Newcombe (undated)
  • Affidavit of Benjamin Cleave (undated)
  • Draft affidavit of John Berry (undated)
  • Draft affidavit of Francis Edward Smith concerning payments for repairs to Parish Church (undated)
  • Bill of costs of the defendants (1875)
  • Draft affidavit of Mr Hall (undated)
  • Copy of letter from F E Smith (Exhibit A) (1857)
  • Copy of affidavit of John James (1864)
  • Copy of affidavit of F E Smith (1856)

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