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Miscellaneous documents


  • Postcard of a view of Crediton from Downes Head (undated)
  • Postcard for the Diamond Jubilee (1897)
  • Order of Service of Thanksgiving for Millicent Buller (2001)
  • Order of Service for the funeral of Mowbray Buller (1948)
  • Order of Service for the funeral of Georgiana Buller (1953)
  • Poster for exhibition hosted by the Crediton Area History & Museum Society: “Waterloo to the Great War" (1985)
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  • Daily Telegraph article on Gen. Buller (not complimentary) (1892)
  • Articles on Crediton By-Pass and Downes (1986)
  • Article on Dame Georgiana Buller and St. Loyes (1994)
  • Newspaper article about the Earl of Macclesfield (2004)
  • Newspaper article on the Buller & Gould family (2005)
  • Newspaper article about the sale of Downes furniture (2003)
  • Newspaper article on Devon families, including the Bullers (2002)
  • Biography of Gen. Sir Redvers Buller by K Barker (2006)
  • Leaflet on a book about Devon families (2002)
  • Article on the opening of Downes to the public (2003)
  • Obituary to Rosemary Parker (1997)
  • Legal opinion on the case of Gen. Buller (1902)
  • Letters to Sir Redvers from supporters in South Africa (1901)
  • Diary of the Siege of Ladysmith
  • Notes on Peoples Park as a memorial to James Wentworth Buller
  • The Aldershot News - Special Edition of The Aldershot News to commemorate the return of Buller
  • Newspaper photograph of the wedding of Iris Buller to Sir Patrick Ferguson Davie (1949)
  • Crediton Chronicle report on Court Case between Crediton UDC and Mr Tremayne Buller (1912)
  • Correspondence about James Wentworth Buller and map of Buller land in St. Thomas, Exeter (2005)
  • “Sprigs of Rosemary” - A book of poetry dedicated to Lady Audrey Buller (1903 - 1904)
  • Obituaries and Order of Service for funeral of Michael Buller (1975)
  • "A Brief History of Downes" - Article by Mrs Rosemary Buller
  • Book review of "Buller: A Scapegoat?" by Geoffrey Powell (1994)
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  • Early script for Downes Guides
  • Newspaper report on a visit of Sidmouth veterans to the tomb of Gen Buller (1914)
  • “The Peoples General” - Draft article (2004)
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  • “With the Flag to Pretoria” - Magazine about the relief of Ladysmith.
  • Correspondence various
  • “The Story of General Buller’s Career” - Photocopy with information of the opening ceremony of the unveiling of the statue
  • “Sir Redvers Buller, V.C." - Photocopy of pages 11 – 74

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