Ordnance Survey 1 in 500 series

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Old Ordnance Survey 1:500 maps of the Credion urban area

These maps were only published for built up areas.

The scale of 1 in 500 is 126.72 inches to the mile.

Each map represents an area of 0.3 miles by 0.2 miles. Its actual size is about 1 metre by 0.66 metres.

Our maps were published in 1905, based on an 1888 survey.

In the 1:500 series, a map from the OS 1:2500 map series is represented by 25 maps on a 5 x 5 grid. The same numbering system as the 1:2500 maps is used, with an extra number appended indicating the position in the 5 x 5 grid. So map LXVII.2.21 is the 1st map on the fifth row of 1:2500 map LXVII.2.

The OS didn't give these maps titles. We have assigned our own rough title for each map and appended it to the original OS numbering, to make the list easier to browse. In addition we have provided 'adjoining maps' information where appropriate, so users can navigate directly between adjacent sheets in our collection. As a further search option, we have extracted the names of villages, hamlets, larger estates/farms and other features of interest, to enable maps to be found by using the Browse by Place dialogue.