Crediton West Town map

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Map of Crediton West Town drawn in 1742.

Date: 1742

Map of Crediton West Town, drawn in 1742, subsequently annotated with the extents of the fire of August 14th 1743. It shows an elevation of each building with its owner's name, along with the names of other buildings, e.g. pubs, churches etc. It comprises pages 3,4 and 5 of the original only; pages 1 and 2 (further East) are lost. Possibly drawn for the Lord of the Manor Daniel Ivie. Cartographer unknown. This is a copy of a map held at Devon Heritage Centre. It is usually displayed at the museum, with other copies at the Downes archive.

Also part of this collection is a 3 page transcript (by Robin Langhorne) of a document entitled 'A List of Encroachments from the 1743 Map of Crediton', containing much information about property construction and ownership.

There is also a list of the Bishops of Crediton from 910AD to 1046AD.

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