Property Collection

Please quote the reference below when making enquiries about this item:  1634

Documents directly related to property in and around Crediton

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  • East Town
  • Bowden Hill, Chapel Downs, High Street & Waresfoot
  • Bell Court, High Street Market, John Cooke, Newcombes & St. Lawrence Green
  • Bramble Lane, Exhibition Road, Keagle’s, Lord’s Meadow & Stone’s
  • Birdishill, Forches & Raggs
  • Jockey Hill, Mill Street, Mount Pleasant & Skinners
  • Dicklegs, East Town, Levetts Tenement, Maunders & Peoples Park
  • Okefield, Popes Tenement & The Prebendry of Crosse
  • Dean Street & Haywards School
  • Elmside, Fordton Plain, George Hill, Higher Road, Shepherds Lands, Station Garage, West Town, Western Road, Winswood plus other legal documents