Anna SOUTHWOOD  (1789 - 1886)

Researched by Mary Webber, Sarah Green



Susannah & Edward Southwood

Direct family:

Anna Southwood was born in Huxham, Devon in 1789. She married Edward HUDSON who was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1786 and trained as a barrister at Trinity Chambers in Bath. He died in 1858.

They had a child Elizabeth HUDSON (1834 - 1911)

Anna lived in Bath after she was widowed.


Elizabeth HUDSON married George ROBINSON (1813 - 1872) and they had a son, Edward C ROBINSON (1861 - 1956) who married Louisa CLARKE (1861 - 1928) from the Isle of Wight.

Edward ROBINSON and Louisa CLARKE had a child, Rita Alice ROBINSON (1898 - 1951) who married Godfrey H HALL (1893 - 1949) from Thornbury (Capt R E)


Need further evidence for all of the above.



Godfrey H HALL:

Birth index: Q4 1893 Thornbury 6a 210 - Godfrey Herbert 

1901 Census: RG13 piece 2412 folio 11 page 13 - Living with his parents (George & Frances HALL) and younger brother (Thurnburn S HALL) on Castle Street,Thornbury. 

1911 Census: RG14PN15162 RG78PN916 RD321 SD2 ED1 SN78 - Working as a Draper's assistance and living with his parents (George & Frances HALL) and younger brother (Thurnburn Slade HALL) in Thornbury. 

Marriage Index: Q2 1921 Axbridge 5c 1051 - Godfrey H HALL & Alice G Robinson

Death index: Q3 1949 Exeter 7a 341 - Godfrey H (age 55)


Rita Alice ROBINSON: 

Baptism (transcript): Rita Alice Gwendoline Robinson baptised 20th May 1901 at St Stephen's, Cardiff. Parents: Edward Charles (a commercial traveller) & Louise. She is baptised on the same day as her siblings Hilda Pretoria and Sidney Edward. The family are living at 1 Clarence Place.

1901 Census: RG13 piece 4982 folio 65 page 41 - L A (age 39 from Yorkshire) & E C Robinson (a 41 year old "Confectioners Traveller" born in Bath) are living at 1, Clarence Place, Cardiff with their three children (all born in Cardiff): R A (4 year old daughter), S E (2 year old son) and H G (10 year old daughter).

1911 Cesus: RG14PN32145 RG78PN1847 RD588 SD4 ED13 SN342 - Louisa (age 49 born Shipley[?], Yorkshire) & Edward Robinson (a 49 year-old "Confectioners Traveller" from Bath) have been married for 15 years and are living at 99 Llandaff Road, Cardiff with their four children (all born in Cardiff): Rita (age 14), Sydney (age 12), Hilda (age 10) and Ruby (age 6).

 NB: If these Census entries are correct then it is probable that Rita's mother, Louisa is from Yorkshire not the Isle of Wight.

Marriage Index: Q2 1921 Axbridge 5c 1051 - Godfrey H HALL & Alice G Robinson

Death Index: Q1 1951 Totnes 7a 1172 - Rita A G HALL (age 54)

Probate record: National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1951 - "Rita Alice Gwendoline Hall of Windermere Nursing Home Paignton Devonshire widow died 22 January 1951 Probate Exeter 30 May to David John Weaver contractor and Winifred Mary Weaver (the wife of the said David John Weaver). Effects £280 4s. 11d."



Birth Index: Q2 1861 Bath 5c 773 - Edward Charles Robinson

1871 Census: RG10 piece 2497 folio 14 page 20 - Edward C (aged 9 from Weston) is living at Marlborough House, Weston, Bath with parents Eliza (37 years old from Walcot, Somerset) and George Robinson (a 54 year old unemployed brewer from Weston) with his siblings, George (age 14 from Bedminster, Somerset), William (age 7 from Weston, Somerset), Alice (age 5 from Weston, Somerset), Herbert (age 4 from Weston, Somerset) and Emma (8 months from Weston, Somerset). The family have a general servant and a nursemaid living with them.

1881 Census: RG11 piece 2430 folio 45 page 16 - Edward C (age 19 from Weston and working as a clerk in an accountant's office) is living with his widowed mother, Eliza (a 46 year old annuitant from Bath) at 4 Victoria Buildings, Twerton, Bath. They have a general servant living with them.

1891 Census: Not found

Marriage Index: Q4 1894 Cardiff 11a 469 - Edward Charles ROBINSON & Louisa Alice CLARK

1901 - 1911 Censuses: see above

Death Index: Q2 1956 Cardiff 8b 149 - Edward C Robinson (age 95)



Baptism record (FamilySearch transcript): George Robinson baptised 28th July 1817 at Weston, Somerset. Parents: Charles & Sarah Robinson.

1841 Census: HO107; Piece: 931; Folio: 35; Page: 17 - George Robinson (age 26?) is living at Marlborough House, Weston with Sarah and Charles (a lime burner) Robinson (aged 60 and 55 respectively so probably his parents) and Sarah Robinson (age 20 so probably his sister).

1851 Census:  HO107; Piece: 1943; Folio: 648; Page: 8 - George Robinson (age 34 from Weston and a  "Proprietor of houses") is living in Weston Village with his widowed mother, Sarah (age 74 from Weston and an "Annuitant"), and unmarried siblings: William (age 48 and also a "Proprietor of houses") and Martha (age 38 and an "Annuitant"). All are born in Weston, Somerset. They have a general servant living with them.

Marriage Index: Q3 1858 Bedminster 5c 1176 - George Robinson & Eliza Hudson

1861 Census:  RG09 piece 1696 folio 69 page 9 - George (age 44 and a "Proprietor of houses") is living at Marlborough House, Weston with his wife, Eliza (27 years old from Bath) and their two children: George (age 4 from Bath) and Catherine (age 2 from Bedminster). George's brother, William (58 years old and also from Weston and a "Proprietor of houses") is also living with them.

1871 Census: see above.

Death index: Q1 1872 Bath 5c 505 - George Robinson 

Probate record: National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1872 - "1872: ROBINSON, George (Effects under £2,000) 7 February. The Will of George Robinson late of Marlborough House in the Parish of Weston in the County of Somerset, Brewer who died 10 January 1872 at Marlborough House was proved at Bristol by Sarah Morgan of Boreham near Warminster in the County of Wilts Widow the Sister Charles William Morgan of Boreham Maltster the Nephew Maria Hudson of Catherine-place in the City of Bath Spinster and Ann Hudson of the said Parish Spinster the Executors."


Elizabeth HUDSON

Baptism record (FamilySearch transcript): Eliza Hudson baptised on 27th April 1834 at Walcot, Somerset. Parents: Edward & Anne Hudson.

1841 Census: HO107 piece 931 folio 23/14 page 21 - Eliza Hudson (age 7) living in Trafalgar Place, Weston, Bath with Anne & Edward Hudson (ages 50 & 55 respectively so presumably her parents) and (presumably siblings): Emma (age 20), Anne (age 14), George (age 12) and Frances (age 10). Edward's entry indicates that he is from Ireland and his occupation is a "Mathematical Teacher". Both Annes' entries indicates that they were not born in Somerset. The remainder indicate that they were born in Somerset.

1851 Census: HO107; Piece: 1943; Folio: 631; Page: 31 - Eliza Hudson (age 17 from Bath) is living at 4 Trafalgar Place, Weston with her parents, Ann (age 62 from Huxham, Devon) & Edward Hudson (age 65 from Ireland and a "fundholder") and her unmarried sisters: Anne (age 26 from St. James, Bristol) and Frances (age 19 from Bath).

Marriage Index: Q3 1858 Bedminster 5c 1176 - George Robinson & Eliza Hudson.

Marriage Entry (FamilySearch transcript): Eliza Hudson (age 24, father: Edward Hudson) married George Robinson (age 41, father: Charles Robinson) on 22nd September 1858 at Bedminster, Somerset

1861 - 1881 Censuses: see above

1891 Census: RG12 piece 1921 folio 104 page 57 - Eliza Robinson (widow age 56 from Bath) is living with her unmarried son, William (age 27 from Weston) in Elm Villa, Weston-Super-Mare (registration district of Axbridge). They are both "living on own means" and have a general domestic servant living with them.

1901 Census: RG13 piece 2325 folio 11 page 14 - Eliza Robinson (widow age 67 from Bath "living on own means") is living with her unmarried son, William (age 37 from Weston, Bath) at 2, Clarence Villa, Weston-super-Mare.

1911 Census: RG14PN14600 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED18 SN231 - Eliza Robinson (77 year old widow) is living at Amberry Road, Weston-Super-Mare, with her two unmarried sons: William (age 48) and Herbert (age 45). They are all born in Bath and have no occupation.

Death index: Q1 1921 Axbridge 5c 587 - Eliza Robinson (age 87)

Probate record: National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1921 - "ROBINSON, Eliza of 34 Moorland-road Weston-Super-Mare widow dies 18 March 1921 Probate Wells 14 May to George Robinson gentleman and Edward Charles Robinson confectioners traveller. Effects £112 13s. 7d."



Baptism entry: Not found. The 1841-1851 Censuses (see above) suggest a date of birth circa. 1786 in Ireland.

There is a military record (WO97) for a Corporal Edward Hudson of the 43rd Light Infantry born in Dublin circa 1786 which would match Edwards birth date but he is cited as a Labourer and it seems unlikely (tho' possible) that as such, he would have had time and money to study for law and become a teacher after his discharge in 1831. Many online family trees cite Edward's birthplace as Dublin (and parents Richard Hudson and Catherine Nixon) and whilst it is possible that this is the case it could be a mix-up with another Edward Hudson.

An Ancestry member (cshaw66290) cites from a Hassard of Lyme publication in 1903 that Edward was "awarded a B.A. a T.C,D in 1805 and a LL.B and LL.D in 1821".

1841 - 1851 Censuses: see above

Death Index: Q1 1858 Bath 5c 599 Edward Hudson 

Probate record: England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858 - "HUDSON, Edward Esq. L L.D. (Effects under £4,000.) 27 February. The Will of Edward Hudson late of the Parish of Weston near the City of Bath in the County of Somerset Esquire Doctor of Laws deceased who died 6 February 1858 at Weston aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oath of Ann Hudson of Weston aforesaid Widow the Relict and George Frederick Browning of the same place Schoolmaster the Executors." 



The 1841-1851 Censuses (see above) suggest a date of birth circa. 1789 in Huxham, Devon. The IGI only has a single Ann(e) baptised in Huxham between 1770 and 1793 (shown below) so it seems feasible that this is a match.

Baptism record: IGI batch C07350-1 for Huxham: Ann Southwood baptised 1st February 1789. Parents Edward & Susannah Southwood.

Marriage entry: Index to the Avon Marriage Registers Volume 8 (Bristol & Avon Family History Society):  Edward Hudson and Ann Southwood married by banns on 1st January 1816 at St John the Baptist, Broad Street, Bristol. Both bride and groom are cited as "of this parish".

1841 - 1851 Censuses: see above

1861 Census: RG09 piece 1696 folio 52 page 23 - Ann Hudson (age 72, born in Huxham, Devon, widowed and a "House & Land Proprietor") living at 4 Trafalgar Place, Weston, Bath  with her unmarried daughter, Ann (aged 34, born in Bristol and also a "House & Land Proprietor").

1871 Census: RG10 piece 2496 folio 62 page 21 - Ann Hudson (age 82, born in Huxham, Devon, widowed and a "Government Annuitant") living at 4 Trafalgar Place, Weston, Bath  with her unmarried daughter, Ann (aged 44, born in Bristol and with "income from land in Ireland"). Her unemployed son, George (aged 42, born in Bath), is visiting.

1881 Census: RG11 piece 2441 folio 53 page 17 - Ann Hudson (age 92, born in Huxham, Devon, widowed and with "money in funds") living at 17 Charles Street, Walcot, Bath with her two unmarried daughters (both born in Bristol): Catherine (aged 59)  & Ann (aged 54) and three ROBINSON grand-children all born in Weston, Bath: Annie E (18 year old teacher), Alice S (15 year old articled pupil) & Emma ROBINSON (scholar).

Death Index: Q4 1886 Bath 5c 423 - Ann Hudson (age 97)



1891 Census: RG12 piece 1939 folio 51 page 38 - Ann Hudson (single, aged 64 and born in Bristol) "living on own means" at Ryde Villa, Bristol Road, Weston, Bath with her nieces Alice & Emma ROBINSON

1901 Census:  RG13 piece 2344 folio 23 page 37 - Ann Hudson (single, aged 74 and born in Bristol) living at 14 Park Road, Weston, Bath with her nephew George (aged 40, born in Sydenham, Kent) and nieces, Alice (aged 35 born in Weston) & Letitia (aged 30 born in Weston) Robinson. All are single and "living on own means".