'Friends' of the museum gathering pace

We have launched 'The Friends of Crediton Museum'

Since it became apparent that donations by visitors to the museum and the small amount of income we get from sales would be insufficient to pay the rent, we have launched 'The Friends of Crediton Museum'. Basically, we are saying if you want the museum to continue, we need to raise money in this way. The museum is such an attraction and undoubtedly disseminating knowledge of
the history of our communities and their people, it would be a great shame to lose it. 

The response has been really good so far. Many individuals have subscribed and, critically, several local businesses have already signed up as 'Corporate Friends', including:

Also very importantly, neighbouring local history groups have affilliated. We have always worked closely with them but the availability of the museum gives us the opportunity to make space available for them to exhibit some of their
collection to the general public - something they would otherwise lack.

Corporate Friends are contributing £100pa, so you see what a difference their help makes. We will carry details of the goods and services they provide in our publications like the newsletter from time to time. If you have connections with local firms you think might help, please let me know and I will be happy to discuss with them exactly how we could make it work together. 

David Nation, CAHMS Fund Raising Officer

11 August 2012