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Welcome to CAHMS' website. We are an all-volunteer organisation which runs the town museum (including its family and house history Research Corner), maintains a substantial and growing archive of local documents, photographs and artefacts, and presents a fascinating programme of local history talks. If you are a regular visitor to this website, the website updates page (see button on side menu) will indicate what has changed since your last visit, and is a good place to start.

Our 2022 exhibition. Two years later than we originally planned, our exhibition 'Back to the1950s' opened on April 20th. We look forward to welcoming visitors to enjoy a journey back in time, to an age of rock’n’roll, and a country emerging from wartime deprivation in a new Elizabethan age. Further details in What's On.

Research Corner.  The one-to-one nature of volunteer-assisted family history research work kept the RC closed since early 2020 but we reopened in spring 2022. Details are on the Find Your Past page. Contact familyhistory@creditonhistory.org.uk with your requirements.

Monthly Talks. After some experimentation with Zoom, we have arranged three face-to-face talks for late 2022, and will be monitoring them carefully before committing to a larger programme. Keep an eye on the What's On page, in which we also try to include events presented by other local groups.

1743 Map project. Our 2023 exhibition will be based on a major project researching our famous 1743 map of the town immediately before the great fire. The project is led by Tony Gale and we are fortunate to have several experts in different fields helping us to interpret the map, a copy of which is on show at the museum. Modern technology is enabling much more to be gleaned from the map and relating this to the buildings, businesses and families in the High Street in 1743 is proving fascinating and most revealing. The project has its own page which will be updated as the project and associated exhibition are developed.

Thank You to all our many supporters and Friends we extend our sincere thanks for your continuing help in such difficult times. Please continue to support the local businesses that help us to survive through our Corporate Friends scheme.




Our website was designed and hosted by Sarah Green. We were saddened to receive news of her death early in 2022.

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