Top cricketers souvenir on show

Memento of 1974 charity cricket match in 'That's Entertainment' exhibition.

You wouldn't think a cricket bat was likely to form part of a local historic collection, would you? However, Crediton Museum & Heritage Centre was recently given a very special cricket bat. It was used in a match between the Whitbread Wanderers and a Crediton XI at Sandford Cricket Ground in 1974. The Wanderers were sponsored by the brewers and consisted of some of the sport's great international players, promoting the sport and raising money for clubs and charities. What makes this bat so special is that it has been signed by all the players. The names include legends like Tom Graveney, Basil D'Olivera, Roy Marshall, Farouk Engineer and David Shepherd. The photograph shows some of the signatures on the bat.

The bat and programme are on display at the 'That's Entertainment' exhibition which runs at Crediton Museum until October. This features dozens of photographs of plays, pantomimes and other performances which have taken place in the area in the last 70 years, together with reminders of games and pastimes people enjoyed for much longer.

4 August 2015