1953 Crediton kids party (updated 26/12/15)

A photo of Crediton children in 1953 has come to light. Who can you recognise? (Updated 26/12/15)

Recently the above photo turned up at the cider factory in Commonmarsh Lane. It shows the Crediton children who attended a party held presumably to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2nd 1953.

Already identified are John Twitchen, Philip Luxton. Elizabeth Arscott, one of the Adams brothers who now run the hardware store, Alan and Geoffrey Combe and John Cope. If you can identify more, please contact us.

We originally published this item on Oct 23rd 2015. Since doing so we have received (26/12/15) an email from Nick Heard, with some new identifications and corrections to our original ones:

"Just seen the above. Some misidentifications there. (I have the same picture)

Firstly, I lived there for the first 15 years of my life. It was never known as East End, but always East Town.  E.g. East Town Dairy, in Mill Street.

 The boy identified as John Cope Im fairly sure is in fact John Phillips who lived in East Street. Next to him, wrongly identified as Adams is Jimmy Davey, who lived in Charlotte Street.

John Cope may be in the second row, above the C in coronation, but I cant see the image clearly. I’ll have to try to find my original. Front row second from left is Tony Elston, from Charlotte Street then. Next to him is me, who lived in East Street then.

Best wishes

Nick Heard"

26 December 2015