Law Breaking 1908/9 Style

Revelations from Crediton police register

Nothing changes. Recently Jeff Horrell of Stoke Canon loaned us a fascinating diary written by his grandfather Henry Horrell who owned an ironmongers at 19 High Street (now Lifestyle Chemists) in the early 1900s. We will report more on this later but Jeff also loaned us a copy of a page from the Crediton Police register from 1908/9, (shown right, click to enlarge). Jeff's father acquired this many years ago from a contact in the police, identity unknown! The list of offences and penalties is interesting and the reason Jeff's father was given it becomes obvious when you see that the second case down is the said grandfather and ironmonger being fined one shilling, with six shillings and sixpence costs, for 'obstructing footpath', presumably by displaying his wares outside the shop!

Some of the other entries make interesting reading:
Oliver Webb a painter from London was prosecuted for peddling without a certificate, and his sentence was to promise to leave the town! (A pedlar from Torquay got 7 days hard labour)

Albert Bennett was a publican in the town (which tavern John?) and he was charged with being drunk in his own licensed premises!

Thomas Nicholls a tramp from York got 7 days hard labour for begging; perhaps he should have offered to leave town!

12 January 2016