Our 2018 competitions

Answers and winners of our competitions in 2018

Visitors to the museum in 2018 were invited to take part in a quiz, to identify a mystery object, and (children, mostly) asked to Name The Crocodile. Our thanks to everyone who took part. The competitions have now finished, and the results and winners are as follows:


Name The Crocodile


Children were asked to name the fellow above. Of all the excellent suggestions received, Gnasher, suggested by Jasmine Rattenbury, was the winner. Gnasher will be in the museum until the end of the October half term holiday, so please pop in and say 'hello'.


Mystery Object


Visitors were asked to identify the unusual object above. Obviously it was a Saw Blade Setter, used to align the teeth on a saw. It was successfully identified by Peter Chave.



The winners were:

1st - Karen Boulton of Okehampton

2nd - Pat Leat of Morchard Bishop

3rd - Sheila Parsons of Crediton



A. General Knowledge  
1. In what decade were routine polio vaccinations introduced?  1950s
2. What is the name of Donald Duck’s girlfriend?  Daisy
3. Who abolished free milk in secondary schools and in what year? Harold Wilson, 1968
4. Which toy company manufactured the first Barbie Doll? Mattel
5. In which country did Snakes and Ladders originate? India
6. What is the name of the second Blue Peter dog, a descendant of the first? Patch
7. In which comic did Korky the cat appear? Dandy
8. What is Charlie‘s surname in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Bucket
9. In the nursery rhyme ‘Pop goes the Weasel’ what is the weasel in Cockney rhyming slang? Coat
10. Who wrote the children’s book The Secret Garden? Frances Hodgson Burnett
B. Children’s Television Programmes (1st broadcast in UK)  
1. TW (1955) The Woodentops
2. HH (1968)  Hector's House 
3. FS (1987)  Fireman Sam
4. RAC (1974) Roobarb and Custard
5. ITE (1958/9) Ivor the Engine 
6. GH (1978) Grange Hill 
7. TH (1977) Take Hart
8. BTB (1998) Bob the Builder 
9. BG (1989)  Byker Grove 
10. M (1968)  Magpie 
11. AM (1962) Animal Magic 
12. C (1970) Catweazel
C. All the answers are a sweet or chocolate  
1. Musical Bard Minstrel
2. Subject Matter Topic
3. Sweet tooth cleaner Candy Floss
4. Pig's tail perhaps Curly Wurly
5. To peel off  Flake
6. Feline equipment  Kit Kat 
7. Edible fasteners Chocolate Buttons 
8. Nearly between Twix
9. Royal herb Mint Imperial
10. Fallen fruit  Pear Drop 
11. Gem orchard  Opal Fruits
12. A dog Yorkie 
D. Found in Schools Past & Present (anagrams)  
1. Tamed share Headmaster
2. Clip en Pencil 
3. At belt Tablet
4. Prep linen search  Pencil sharpener 
5. Cobra bark burbled Blackboard rubber
6. Grape pint bolt Blotting paper
7. Mop re cut  Computer 
8. Clap nieces  Pencil case
9. Sun runner ebb  Bunsen burner
10. All occur at  Calculator 
11. Icebox so reek  Exercise book 
12. New kill Ink well 
E. Solve the cryptic clues to discover Children’s Games  
1. Small fish Sardines
2. Not Jill's Jacks
3. Feline's bed Cat's cradle 
4. Nose, not his Conkers 
5. Tuneful, preside over Musical chairs 
6. Unsighted, male, polish Blind man's buff 
7. Impair, male bovine Marbles 
8. Sculptures Statues 
9. Pelt and pursue Hide and seek 
10. Simple man, utters Simon says
11. Joyful, offspring Happy families
12. Informal dance, put an end to Hopscotch

16 September 2018