DCRS Podcasts

Devon & Cornwall Record Society podcasts on new books

The Devon and Cornwall Record Society has been presenting a series of podcasts on new books which highlight recent research in Devon and Cornwall. They can be revisited at https://www.youtube.com/@devoncornwallrecordsociety8186. The full list is:

New Research about Devon & Cornwall, 2022 Podcasts

John Allan (on North Devon pottery in Barnstaple, 1640 - 1670; Richard Newcourt’s Map),
Peter Christie, (Bideford in the Second World War),
Prof. James Clark (The Dissolution of the Monasteries),
Dr Sam Drake (Cornwall, Connectivity and Identity in the fourteenth century),
Paul Holden (The Distinctiveness of Cornish Buildings),
Ian Maxted (The Story of the Book in Exeter & Devon),
Dr Richard Oliver, William Birchynshaw’s Map of Exeter, 1743),
Prof. Stephen Rippon (Exeter, a Place in Time),
Chris Robinson, (Plymouth in the Age of the Petrol-driven Motor Car, 1896-1939),
Chris Robinson (Plymouth before the war, from the air, then and now),
Prof. Mark Stoyle (A Murderous Midsummer; the Western Rising of 1549)

New Research about Devon & Cornwall, 2023 Podcasts

Gloria Dixon (For the Love of Trees in Plymouth and Beyond),
Tony Gale (Crediton & the Great Fire of 1743),
Dr Todd Gray (Devon Parish Taxpayers, 1500 – 1650, volume 3),
Dr Julia Neville (Devon Women in public and professional life, 1900 - 1950),
Dee and Mike Tracey (The Memoir of John Butter)
Dr Leslie Trotter (Cornwall Herstory),
Dr Helen Wilson (The Remarkable Pinwill Sisters)

12 November 2022