Forches Cross fingerpost damage

Damage to historic fingerpost

We are greatly dismayed at the damage done recently to the Forches Cross signpost, as seen in the above two photos. This is such a fine and rare example of the work of the late Joe Mitchell, formerly of the family wheelwright's at Knowle. It was fully restored by a volunteer around 20 years ago and more recently repaired by another volunteer (see below). Three of the five fingers are now missing, two clearly snapped off and the third removed cleanly from its mortice.

Two questions arise; how did the damage occur? Perhaps an agricultural vehicle collided with it but there are no tyre marks, and in any case it's difficult to see how a vehicle would collide with two sides of it at once. Secondly, what has happened to the missing fingers? If anyone knows anything about this, please contact David Nation on 01363 774441 or We must try to have the historic feature repaired.

[We have 2 examples of Mr Mitchell's fingerposts in the museum, and we have featured his work, and the family workshop at Knowle, in previous news items: The Knowle Hoard , The Knowle Hoard 2 and Forches Cottage fingerpost

There is a Youtube video of the post's restoration by Martin Binks here]



27 June 2020