Buller Square Phoenix Project

An art & history exhibition recording the heritage of Buller Square

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"Chapbook". Lino cut & lithograph by Martyn Brown & Lyn Cooke (2013)
Picture by Heta Peck - age 7 (2013). Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the map
"Slippers". Dry point by Martyn Brown (2013)
"Firemen on the ladder". Collograph by Molly Mackay (2013)
by Pat Ward (2013)
Photograph courtesy of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
"Firemen working" by Liz Culpeper (2013)
Photograph courtesy of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
"Ladders" 3 prints by Liz Culpeper (2013)
"Buller Square Scaffold". Monoprints by Penny Somerville (2013)
"Staircase" Monoprint by Martyn Brown (2013)
"Buller Square after the fire". Collograph by Molly Mackay (2013)
"Window" by Nikki Philips (2013)
"Buller Square - After the Fire - A Reflection" by Elizabeth Culpeper (2013). Click on the image to read the text
"Building Blocks". Monoprint by Nikki Philips (2013)
by Molly Mackay (2013)
"Icons" by Wanda Garner (2013)
Painting by Wanda Garner (2013)
Painting by Wanda Garner (2013)
"Kirton Chimera". Drypoint by Lyn Cooke (2013)
"Thor's Oak". Woodcut by Rebecca Holley (2013)
"St Boniface's Well". Monoprint by Rebecca Holley (2013)
Monoprint by Pat Ward (2013)
"General Sir Redvers Buller" (callograph), "Buller's VC" (drypoint), "Boniface's Relic" (drypoint) and "St Boniface" (collograph) by Rebecca Holley (2013)
"Buller vs Zulu". Lino by Rebecca Holley (2013)
"Effects" by Jane Tipping (2013). Click the image to enlarge it.
"General Sir Buller's Statue". Monoprint by Rebecca Holley (2013)
"Letter to Cliff Richard Fan Club" by Jane Tipping (2013). Click the image to enlarge it.
"Ironmonger" by Ruth Curtis (2013). Click on the image to read the poem.
"Drawing of a Lady" by Pat Ward (2013)
"Girl in a white dress" by Pat Ward (2013)
"The beetles scuttled when the lamps were lit". Monoprint by Martyn Brown (2013)
"Cottages" by Pat Ward (2013)
"Washing Lines". Lino cut by Martyn Brown (2013)
"Memoirs" by Betty Nunn (2013). Click above to read Betty's account of life in Buller Square 1949-1957
"Cockle shells". Monoprint by Martyn Brown (2013)
"Letter" by Ruth Curtis (2013). Click on the image to read the letter
"Jug of Flowers" by Zoe Ripley (2013)

On 2nd February 2012 a fire in Buller Square severely damaged five historic properties. The Square dates back to the late 16th Century, it was formerly owned by the Downes Estate and is thought to be near the birthplace of Saint Boniface in 680 AD.

After the fire there was a huge upsurge of support in the town for those who lost their homes. The loss of the property to fire was a real disaster for historic Crediton.

As part of the Crediton Festival, The Crediton Arts Centre decided to mark the tragedy and provide local people with an opportunity to make images and to write about the heritage of the Square. The Heritage Lottery Fund supported the project and a group of 18 people came together to research the history of the location.

The aim of the project has been wider than the Square itself and incorporates research into the Buller family, Saint Boniface, local family histories and the early settlements of Crediton which are located near the site of the square.

TeamResearch was carried out at Crediton museum, local libraries, The Devon Heritage Centre and ‘Downes' (the Buller family home) museum.

The aim was to create a record of the fire and the heritage of the location and preserve that for future generations. Following on from the research period there were a series of 10 fine art printmaking workshops and 10 writing workshops.

The print workshops were led by Simon Ripley and artists from The Double Elephant Print Workshop and the writing was led by writer and film maker Elspeth Penny.

The exhibition is the result of those workshops and is a collaboration between local people, Crediton Arts Centre, Crediton Festival, Crediton Area History & Museum Society and Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

The exibition can be viewed at Crediton museum on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am till 4pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 1pm, until October.