Morchard Bishop village visit

Guided walk around Morchard Bishop. (CAHMS event)

The CAHMS group at Morchard Bishop church

When: to May  2016
Where:Morchard Bishop

Our visit to Morchard Bishop in May brought to life the story we learned from Graham Lewis some years ago about two Halifax bombers that collided in mid air over Crookstock Farm nearby in November 1944. Both crashed and only one crew member survived. Sadder still to learn that that survivor was lost soon after, and so near the end of hostilities too. In the centre of the village, next to the war memorial, is a memorial to those 13 airmen, see picture below.

Graham had researched the incident after he began to find pieces of the aircraft on his walks in the area. He displayed these on a board and donated it to our collection.

Touring a village like Morchard with someone with local knowledge makes you aware of just how much has gone on in such small communities over the centuries. Of course, one of the most attractive features in Morchard Bishop is the longest terraced row of thatched cottages in Devon, possibly the country. Now all dwellings, in the past many would have had commercial uses too, such as a dairy, grocer's shop or workshop.

Morchard memorial

Memorial to those lost in the Halifax collision.


Morchard aircraft bits

Aircraft parts collected in the area.