File 44

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St Boniface

3E/44.1 Festival service for the feast of St Boniface celebrating 1300 anniversary of his birth. Order of the hymns, organ music and lessons. (1980)

3E/44.2 Programme of events to celebrate 1300th anniversary of the birth of St Boniface : activities in each month (Nov 1979-Nov 1980) in different parts of the community.

3E/44.3 Letter from the various churches encourage people to participate in celebrating the birth of Boniface (1979)

3E/44.4 St Boniface Handbook including information about Boniface, Crediton church (1980) + map of Crediton and some photos

3E/44.5 Calendar of Prayer to do with the Boniface 680-1980 celebrations (1979)

3E/44.6 Programme of events on 3rd June 1978-events around the town. Life of Boniface, the various hymns, procession through Crediton

3E/44.7 Leaflet about Boniface of Crediton- information about his life, his links with Crediton and elsewhere (1999)

3E/44.8 List of published books to do with Crediton (1980)

3E/44.9 St Boniface Knowle, History of Knowle and its church. Various photos e.g. Copplestone Carnival 1911/12, pupils & teachers in 1880s, tithe map

3E/44.10 Order of service for visit of Archbishop of Canterbury (1955)

3E/44.11 Inaugural service of dedication: Holy Cross Church. Bishop of Crediton P Pasterfield, RC parish priest R Riley (1979)

3E/44.12 Plan for the visit of Princess Margaret & details about what the official guests would be doing. Guests from Fulda & Dokkum (5/8/1980)

3E/44.13 Amusing account of a visit to Crediton in 1955 by the Burgomaster of Dokkum. Boniface commemorated in the land of his birth

3E/44.14 Booklet containing a report in Dutch about a visit to England, especially Devon (1955)

3E/44.15 Newspaper articles (in Dutch) about unveiling the statue of St Boniface (1962)

3E/44.16 Report to Devon County Council about the Crediton/Fulde exchange in 1976 . RF Skinner

3E/44.17 Programme for the visit of Princess Margaret to Crediton (1960) details about the hymns and lessons

3E/44.18 Newspaper Court and Social: notification of Princess Margaret’s visit to Crediton (1960)

3E/44.19 Photo of St Boniface statue in Newcombes Meadow+ drawing of proposed statue + traditional well on card. (1960)

3E/44.20 Card envelope containing information/letters re links between Crediton and Dokkum. Also, a Boniface membership card.

3E/44.21 First day cover envelope (1980)

3E/44.22 Boniface timeline up to 2000