Place Index

Index of places and properties mentioned in our archives

If the property you are looking for is not listed but has a name or you know the name of a previous owner, try looking in the name index under that name.

1-10 Liverpool Street, London

120 High Street, Crediton

127 High Street, Crediton

129 High Street, Crediton

130 High Street, Crediton

14 Fordton Plain, Crediton

19 Waresfoot Drive, Crediton

23 Mill Street, Crediton

31 High Street, Crediton

37 Mill Street, Crediton

6 Western Villas, Crediton

72 High Street, Crediton

79 Willow Walk, Crediton

Acrise, Park Road, Crediton

Aller Down, Sandford

Aller, Crediton

Almshouses, Church Street, Crediton


Anchor, Crediton

Angel Inn, Crediton

Arscotts, Shobrooke

Ash Bullayne, Copplestone

Ashfields, Newton St Cyres

Ashridge, Sandford

Askridge Wood, Sandford

Bakehouse, Crediton

Ball Oaks, Tedburn St. Mary

Barnshill, Morchard Road

Baron's Wood Quarry, Zeal Monachorum

Baron's Wood, Bow

Barton Lane, North Tawton

Bartonbury, Down St Mary

Bawdenhayes, Sandford

Bear Inn, Crediton

Beare Farm, Crediton

Beers, Copplestone

Bell Court, Crediton

Bell Field, Crediton

Bell Orchard, Crediton

Belle Parade, Crediton

Bevishill, Copplestone

Bewsley, Copplestone

Bickley Meadow, Crediton

Binneford Wood, Yeoford

Binneford, Yeoford

Birdishill, Crediton

Bisgoods, Crediton

Bishops Leigh, Black Dog

Blackalder Wood, Tedburn St Mary

Blackdown Plantation, Newton St Cyres

Blue Coat School, Churchyard, Crediton

Bolts Farm, Coleford

Bolts, Copplestone

Bonney Park, Crediton

Borough, Sandford

Boucher's Hill, North Tawton


Bow (W)

Bow, Devon

Bowden Hill, Crediton

Bradleigh, Hittisleigh

Bramble Lane, Crediton

Brampford Speke Church

Brampford Speke Station

Brandiron Corner, Copplestone

Brandiron Cottages, Copplestone

Bridge Farm, North Tawton

Broad Close, Crediton

Broad Nymett, Bow

Broadgate, Newton St Cyres

Broadnymet, Bow

Broadridge Farm, Lapford

Broomhill, Coleford

Bugbear Wood, Lapford

Buller Park Road, Crediton

Buller Square, Crediton

Burston, Bow

Burton Hall, North Tawton

Bury Barton, Lapford

Butsford Barton, Colebrooke

Cadbury, Devon

Caddiford, Yeoford

Cartaway, Newton St Cyres

Cattle Market, Crediton

Chaffcombe Quarry, Copplestone

Chaffcombe, Copplestone

Chapel Downs Cottages, Crediton

Chapel Downs, Crediton

Chapple Moor, Sampford Courtenay

Charlotte Street, Crediton

Cheriton Bishop (S)

Cheriton Bishop, Devon

Cheriton Fitzpaine

Cheriton Fitzpaine Church (St Matthews)

Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

Chiddenbrooke, Crediton


Church House, Crediton

Church Street, Crediton

Clampitt, Sandford


Clannaborough, Devon

Cleave Farm, Newton St Cyres

Cleaveanger, Coldridge

Clotworthy Farm, Nymet Rowland

Cobley, Lapford

Codshead Bridge, Crediton


Coldridge Barton, Coldridge

Coldridge Church (St Matthews)

Coldridge, Devon

Coldwill, East Town, Crediton

Colebrooke (N)

Colebrooke Church (St Andrews)

Colebrooke Mill, Colebrooke

Colebrooke, Devon


Coleford Junction

Coleford, Crediton

Collatons Farm, Bow

Collatons, Bow

Collyhole, Yeoford

Combe House, Crediton

Combelancey, Sandford

Common Marsh Lane, Crediton

Congregational Church, High Street, Crediton

Coplestone House, Copplestone


Copplestone Mills, Copplestone

Copplestone Station

Copplestone, Devon

Court Barton, Newton St Cyres

Court Castle (site of), Winkleigh

Cox's Garden, Crediton

Cox's Yard, Crediton


Crediton (E)

Crediton (SW)

Crediton Church

Crediton Congregational Chapel

Crediton Gas Works

Crediton Grammar School

Crediton Parish Church

Crediton Station

Crediton Union Workhouse

Crediton, Devon

Creedy Barton, Crediton

Creedy Estate, Crediton

Creedy Park, Sandford

Cross, Hittisleigh

Cross, Sandford

Culvery Bridge, Crediton

Curate's House, Crediton

Dean Street, Crediton

Deep Lane, Crediton

Delves, Crediton

Denbury, Crediton


Dickers, Crediton

Dickersham, Downes Estate, Crediton

Doggetsbeer, Sandford

Down St. Mary

Down St. Mary, Devon

Down, Cheriton Bishop

Down, Shobrooke

Downes Bridge, Crediton

Downes Estate, Crediton

Downes Head, Crediton

Downes Mill, Crediton

Downes, Crediton

Downhayne, Sandford

Dowrich, Sandford

Dunscombe, Crediton

East Eastington, Lapford

East Foldhay, Zeal Monachorum

East Holme, Newton St Cyres

East Langford, Bow

East Northwood, Black Dog

East Street, Crediton

East Town Tannery, Crediton

East Town, Crediton

East Village, Sandford

East Wood, Shobrooke

East Woodley, Newton St Cyres

Eastacott, Crediton

Eastchurch, Hittisleigh

Easter Court, Shobrooke

Efford, Shobrooke

Eggesford, Devon

Elley, Yeoford

Elmfield House, Crediton

Elmside, Fordton Plain, Crediton

Elston Barton, Copplestone

Elston, Copplestone

Endfield, New Buildings

Endfield, Sandford

Enterlake, Yeoford

Eppletons, Copplestone

Essington, North Tawton


Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Road, Crediton

Exhibition Road, Crediton


Exminster Church

Fairpark, Crediton

Flat 2 Spurway's Almshouses, Crediton

Forches Cross, Crediton

Forches Field, Birdishill, Crediton

Forches Field, Crediton

Forches, Crediton

Ford, Newton St Cyres

Ford, Yeoford

Fordton Cottage, Crediton

Fordton Mill, Crediton

Fordton Plain, Crediton

Fordton Road, Crediton

Fordton, Crediton

Four Mills, Crediton

Frogmire, Sandford


Fursdon, Thorverton

Furze, Shobrooke

Furzeland Quarry, Copplestone

Furzeland, Copplestone

Gays and Drews, Newton St Cyres

Gays Estate, Crediton

Gays, Copplestone

George Hill Estate, Crediton

George Hill, Crediton

Gillhouse, Zeal Monachorum

Gissage Bridge, Zeal Monachorum

Golden Joy, Crediton

Goldwell, Crediton

Grattans, Bow

Great Burston House, Bow

Great Endifield, Sandford

Great Foldhay, Zeal Monachorum

Great Gutton, Shobrooke

Great Harford, Crediton

Great Heal

Great House, Crediton

Great Huish, Tedburn St. Mary

Great Leigh, Yeoford

Great Park, Crediton

Great Wooden, Zeal Monachorum

Great Wotton

Green Dragon, Crediton

Gunstone Bridge, Crediton

Gunstone Mill, Crediton

Gunstone, Crediton

Half Moon, Newton St Cyres

Halsfordwood, Exeter

Hare and Hounds, Crediton


Hayne Barton, Shobrooke

Hayne Barton, Whitestone

Hayne Farm, Newton St Cyres

Hayne Quarry, Zeal Monachorum

Hayne, Bow

Hayne, Zeal Monachorum

Hayward's School, Crediton

Hayward's, Crediton

Henstill Quarry, Sandford

Henstill, Sandford

High Burston, Bow

High Street Market, Crediton

High Street, Crediton

Higher Berry, Tedburn St. Mary

Higher Daviesland, Copplestone

Higher Dunscombe, Crediton

Higher Eastington, Lapford

Higher Eggbeer, Cheriton Bishop

Higher Fordton, Crediton

Higher Frost, Coldridge

Higher Furzeland, Copplestone

Higher Hembeer, Crediton

Higher Pennicott, Shobrooke

Higher Road, Crediton

Higher Shute, Shobrooke

Higher Week, Zeal Monachorum

Higher Wotton, Yeoford

Hill, Yeoford

Hillerton Wood

Hite's Orchard, Crediton


Hittisleigh Mill

Hittisleigh Wood

Hittisleigh, Devon

Holewell Moor, Cheriton Bishop

Hollacombe, Crediton

Holm, Coldridge

Holwell, Crediton

Home Farm, Newton St Cyres

Honeyford, Cheriton Bishop

Hookway, Crediton

Horse and Jockey, Crediton

Horwell Barton, Colebrooke

Howard Barton

Huniver's Lane, Crediton

Jervis Farm, Cheriton Bishop

Jews Hollacombe, Crediton

Jewshollowcombe Barton, Crediton

Jockey Hill, Crediton

Keagle's, Crediton

Keagles, East Town, Crediton

Kelland Wood, Lapford

Kennerleigh Wood, Sandford

Kennerleigh, Devon

Kersford, Crediton

Keymelford, Yeoford

King's Head, Crediton

Knathorn, Morchard Road

Knowle Barton, Copplestone

Knowle Chapel, Copplestone

Knowle Quarry, Copplestone

Knowle, Copplestone

Knoxford Barton, Crediton

Ladysmith, Natal

Lamb, Crediton

Lambert, Cheriton Bishop

Lammacott, Copplestone

Landscore, Crediton

Langridge, Crediton


Lapford Station

Lapford, Devon

Lapfordwood House, Lapford

Levetts Tenement, Crediton

Lewdon, Cheriton Bishop

Ley, Shobrooke

Little Gutton, Shobrooke

Little Harford, Crediton

Little Meadow, Crediton

Little Silver, Shobrooke

Liverpool Street, London

Long Barn, Sandford

Lords Meadow

Lords Meadow, Crediton

Lord's Meadow, Crediton

Lower Combe, Coleford

Lower Creedy, Sandford

Lower Dunscombe, Crediton

Lower Eastington, Lapford

Lower Furzeland, Copplestone

Lower Hampson, Bow

Lower New Buildings

Lower Park, Crediton

Lower Shute, Shobrooke

Lower Town, Morchard Bishop

Lower Wotton

Lymington Arms, Wembworthy

Malthouse, West Town, Crediton

Mansion House, Prebend of Poole, Crediton

Market Place, Crediton

Market Street, Crediton

Marlborough, Kingsbridge, Devon

Martin's Lane, Crediton

Maunder's, Crediton

Maycroft, Western Road, Crediton

Mays House, Crediton

Meadow View Development

Medland Manor, Cheriton Bishop

Meetford Wood, Yeoford

Mermaid Inn, Crediton

Merrifield, Bow

Merrifield, Crediton

Methodist Church, Union Road, Crediton

Middle Cinque Foil Field, Crediton

Middle Henstill, Sandford

Middle Leigh, Black Dog

Middle Yeo Farm, Zeal Monachorum

Mill Street, Crediton

Millmoor Copse, Yeoford

Moor Farm, Shobrooke

Moor, Crediton

Moor, Sandford

Moor, Shobrooke

Mooracre, Sandford

Moorlake, Crediton

Morchard Bishop

Morchard Bishop Church (St Marys)

Morchard Bishop, Devon

Morchard Road

Morchard Road Station

Mount Pleasant, Crediton

Nadderwater, Exeter

Natson Mill, Bow

Natson, Bow

Natson, Cheriton Bishop

Neopardy, Crediton

Netherexe, Devon

New Buildings, Sandford

New Inn, Crediton

Newbuildings, Sandford

Newcombe Spekes, Crediton

Newcombes Meadow, Crediton

Newcombes, Crediton

Newton House, Newton St Cyres

Newton St Cyres

Newton St Cyres (N)

Newton St Cyres (SE)

Newton St Cyres (SW)

Newton St Cyres (W)

Newton St Cyres Arboretum, Newton St Cyres

Newton St Cyres Church (St. Cyr and St. Julitta)

Newton St Cyres Station

Norcombs, Crediton

North Creedy Wood, Sandford

North Creedy, Sandford

North Tawton

North Tawton Church (St Peters)

North Thorne, Zeal Monachorum

Northridge, Newton St Cyres

Nymet House, Nymet Rowland

Nymet Rowland

Nymet Rowland Barton, Nymet Rowland

Nymet Rowland Church (St Bartholomew)

Nymet Rowland, Devon

Nymet Tracey, Devon

Oak Farm, Tedburn St. Mary

Oak Tree Farm, Down St Mary

Oakford, Crediton

Ogwell, Devon

Okefield, Crediton

Oldridge, Tedburn St Mary

Ottery St. Mary

Paize, Sampford Courtenay

Palace Cottage, Crediton

Paris, France

Park Lane, Crediton

Park Road, Crediton

Park Street, Crediton

Park, Crediton

Parliament Street, Crediton

Pennymoor, Tiverton

Penstone Barton, Colebrooke

Penstone, Colebrooke

Penstone, Yeoford

Penton's School

Peoples Park Road, Crediton

People's Park, Crediton

People's Park, People's Park Road, Crediton

Piend, Sandford

Pilton, Hittisleigh

Pitt, Crediton

Polford, Cheriton Bishop

Ponsford’s Tenement, Crediton

Poole Barton, Cheriton Fitzpaine

Poole Farm, Shobrooke

Popes Tenement, Crediton

Posbury Clump, Crediton

Posbury Quarry, Crediton

Posbury, Crediton

Possession Close, Crediton

Possession Field, Forches, Crediton

Pottles Estate

Poughill, Devon

Prebend of Poole, Crediton

Prebendry of Crosse, Crediton

Presbyterian Meeting House, Crediton

Priestcombe, Crediton

Priorton Barton, Sandford

Proctor's Yard, Crediton

Prowse, Sandford

Quarry Cottages, Crediton

Queen Elizabeth's Community College, Western Road, Crediton

Queensland, Australia

Rack Close, Crediton

Raddon Court, Thorverton

Raddon Quarry, Thorverton

Raggs, Crediton

Rattle Street Cottages, Copplestone

Red Cow, Crediton

Red Lion, Crediton

Redhill, Crediton

Redhills (N), Exeter

Reeve Castle, Bow

Reeve, Bow

Richard's Close, Crediton

Richard's, Crediton

Rock, Crediton

Rolstone Barton, Sandford

Roseberry, North Tawton

Rosemont, Bow

Rosemoor, Torrington, Devon

Rubby Hay, Tedburn St. Mary

Rudge, Crediton

Rudge, Lapford

Rugby Club, Exhibition Road, Crediton


Ruxford Barton, Sandford

Ruxford, Sandford

Salmonhutch, Crediton

Sampford Chapple, Sampford Courtenay

Sampford Courtenay (N)

Sampford Courtenay (S)

Sampford Courtenay Church (St Andrews)


Sandford Ash, Copplestone

Sandford Church (St Swithuns)

Sandford Parsonage

Sandford, Devon

Saunders Water, Crediton

Schoolmaster’s House, Crediton

Scorrier, Cornwall

Searle Street, Crediton

Seven Stars, Crediton


Sherwood, Newton St Cyres

Ship Inn, Crediton

Shobrooke Barton, Shobrooke

Shobrooke Church (St Swithuns)

Shobrooke House, Shobrooke

Shobrooke Mill

Shobrooke Mill, Shobrooke

Shobrooke Park (S)

Shobrooke Park (S), Shobrooke

Shobrooke Park, Crediton

Shobrooke Park, Shobrooke

Shobrooke, Crediton

Shobrooke, Morchard Road

Shortacome, Crediton


Shortridge, Yeoford

Shute, Shobrooke

Skinner's, Crediton

Slade, North Tawton

Smallbrook, Crediton

Smallbrook, Newton St Cyres

South Molton


Spence Combe Quarry, Crediton

Spence Combe, Crediton

Spicers, Sandford

Springfield, Western Road, Crediton

Spurway's Almshouses, Crediton

St Boniface Catholic Church, Park Road, Crediton

St. Boniface Centre, Crediton

St. Lawrence Chapel, Crediton

St. Lawrence Green, Crediton

St. Loyes, Exeter

St. Luke's Chapel, Posbury

St. Martin's Lane, Crediton

St. Martin's, Crediton

St. Mary's Church, Upton Hellions, Devon

St. Michael's Church, Cadbury

St. Swithun's Church, Shobrooke

St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Thorverton

St. Thomas, Exeter

Stairhills Crediton

Station Garage, Crediton

Stockeydown, Crediton

Stockleigh English, Devon

Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon

Stokes Farm, Shobrooke

Stone's, Crediton

Strangaton Copse, Sandford

Sutton, Copplestone

Swan Inn, Crediton

Swannaton, Sandford

Swelthills, Copplestone

Swelthills, New Buildings

T Fields, Forches, Crediton

Tan Yard, East Town, Crediton

Tannery, East Town, Crediton

Taphouse, Tedburn St. Mary

Tatepath, Morchard Bishop

Taw Vale, Crediton

Tedburn St. Mary

Tedburn St. Mary, Devon

The Barton, Copplestone

The Green, Crediton

The old Mill, Zeal Monchorum

The Palace, Crediton

The Whitehart, Crediton

Thelbridge, Devon

Thorverton Station

Thorverton, Devon

Tillerton, Cheriton Bishop

Tolleys, Crediton


Town Hall, High Street, Crediton

Trobridge, Crediton

Troney Bridge, Yeoford

Tuckingmill Quarry, Bow

Tuckingmill Quarry, Zeal Monachorum

Turk's Head, Crediton

Union Road, Crediton

Union Street, Crediton

Upcott, Bow

Uppincott, Shobrooke

Upton Hellions, Devon

Uton Barton, Crediton

Uton, Crediton

Ven, Sandford

Venny Tedburn, Crediton

Vicarage, Crediton

Victoria Place, Crediton

Vinnicombe, Yeoford

Waie, Bow

Waie, Zeal Monachorum

Warden, North Tawton

Waresfoot Drive, Crediton

Waresfoot, Crediton

Warrens, Crediton

Water Bridge, Copplestone

Waterford, Crediton

Week, North Tawton


Wellparks, Crediton


Wembworthy Church (St Michael's)

Wembworthy, Devon

West Barton, Nymet Rowland

West Beer, Cheriton Bishop

West Efford, Shobrooke

West Henstill, Sandford

West Langford, Bow

West Pidsley, Sandford

West Raddon, Thorverton

West Ruckham, Pennymoor

West Sandford Barton, Sandford

West Sandford, Crediton

West Town, Crediton

West Town, Newton St Cyres

West Trecott, Sampford Courtenay

West Wood, Shobrooke

West Woodley, Crediton

West Woodley, Newton St Cyres

Westacott Barton, Crediton

Westacott, Coldridge

Westacott, Shobrooke

Westapp, Crediton


Western Hospital, Crediton

Western Road, Crediton

Western Villas, Crediton

Westlake, Crediton

Westwood, Crediton

Westwood, Devon

Whiptail Wood, Newton St Cyres

Whitchurch, Devon

Whitestone, Devon

Whitestone, Exeter

Whitethorn, Hittisleigh

Willow Walk, Crediton

Wilson, Hittisleigh

Winkleigh (NE)

Winkleigh (SE)

Winkleigh Church (All Saints)

Winkleigh Court, Winkleigh

Winscott Barton, Newton St Cyres

Winslakefoot, Tedburn St. Mary

Winswood, Crediton

Withywind, Sandford

Wood Barton, Morchard Bishop

Wood Farm, Thorverton


Woodhay, Cheriton Bishop

Woodland Head, Crediton

Woodland Head, Yeoford

Woodland, Yeoford

Woodley Farm, Newton St Cyres


Woodparks, Copplestone

Woolfardisworthy, Devon

Woolfin, Morchard Road

Woolsgrove, Copplestone

Wootton Top, Zeal Monachorum

Wotton Mill, Yeoford

Yarmley, Sandford

Yelland, Sandford

Yendacott Manor, Shobrooke

Yendacott, Shobrooke


Yeoford Junction

Yeoford School

Yeoford Station

Yeoford, Devon

Young, Yeoford

Zeal Monachorum

Zeal Monachorum (NW)

Zeal Monachorum (SW)

Zeal Monachorum Church (St Peters)

Zeal Monachorum, Devon