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St. Lawrence Chapel

3E/50.1 Letter, leaflets about St Lawrence Chapel and an insurance letter

3E/50.2 Correspondence re light in the chapel + rent from QE school (40s)

3E/50.3 Correspondence: Mrs Drakes offer 1920s- minutes of meetings-invoices-condition of the building

3E/50.4 Booklet: Ancient Leper Chapels in Devon (St Lawrence could have been a leper centre)

3E/50.5 Letters re use of St Lawrence-agreement between Devon County Council and the Church Governors so that QE school could use it.(1950s)

3E/50.6 Letters re the upkeep of St Lawrence Chapel- upkeep of the eastern wall+ tarmacking the drive (1960s)

3E/50.7 Several bits of correspondence re including agreement for tenancy + the notification that St Lawrence Chapel is a building of historic interest (1951) (1950s)

3E/50.8 Details of building work in St Lawrence Chapel including a map and drawing (?)

3E/50.9 Performance to raise money for St Lawrence Chapel: poster for show (1994)

3E/50.10 Booklet: summary of St Lawrence Chapel history (?)

3E/50.11 Information about St Lawrence Chapel from documents of Historian of Exeter (?)

3E/50.12 More correspondence re St Lawrence Chapel: lease, eastern wall and who is responsible for it (1950s-1960s)

3E/50.13 Correspondence re condition of St Lawrence Chapel (1935)

3E/50.14 Draft: Deed of ‘Right to Light’ St Lawrence Chapel (1994)

3E/50.15 Info re Chapels in Devon: -photocopy from book?

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