File 49

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Western Hospital development in the 80s

3E/49.1 Map showing location of Western Hospital (20th century)

3E/49.2 Detailed maps about Western Hospital development (1980s)

3E/49.3 Crediton Hospital development: technical report re utilities supply (1989)

3E/49.4 Crediton Hospital: outline permission to build semi-detached house in the grounds (1980s)

3E/49.5 Crediton Hospital: change of the 29 residential units

3E/49.6 Photo of ‘Giffty’ Steer who raised money for the hospital, there is a ward named after him. (1940s)

3E/49.7 Friends of Crediton Hospital: minutes of a meeting (2005)

3E/49.8 Letters re the use of bungalows at Western Hospital when it was being restructures in the 1980s

3E/49.9 Newspaper article about a Crediton councillor trying to get Western Hospital to be considered as a building of special interest. (1989)

3E/49.10 Friends of Crediton Hospital: fundraising, Gilbert & Sullivan Evening (1995)

3E/49.11 Letters from Crediton Housing Association: trying to raise loans to buy property at Western Hospital (1980s)

3E/49.12 Letters (on card) : pleading the case for a geriatric unit in Crediton