File 55

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Crediton Water

3E/55.1 Letter about mains Improvement Project 1999- timetable and diversionary routes

3E/55.2 Newspaper ‘Water Level’ Spring 2001 South West Water magazine

3E/55.3 Copies of photos taken at Walden : Crediton water supply

3E/55.4 Letter about naming a house on the formerly used Alexandra Road Reservoir from King Robinson wanting it to have a certain name. Reply from Peninsula Properties. January 2004 Newspaper article about buying the ‘Hobbit’ style house.

3E/55.5 3 Photos of meetings at Walden (annual inspection of the water supply at Appledore Farm Walson, Bow ?): the people are named but no date.

3E/55.6 Minutes of North Devon Water board 1966: lots of details about water supply in North Devon

3E/55.7 Crediton Urban District Council : schedule of deeds and agreements, some going back to 1889 (3 pages)

3E/55.8 Agreement for right of way and water supply at Westwood Crediton (March 1953)

3E/55.9 Agreement for right of way at Denbury Farm (October 1938)

3E/55.10 Agreement for water supply at Backs Barn 1932

3E/55.11 Agreement to construct a reservoir at Stoney Park (1930)

3E/55.12 Agreement to construct a reservoir and Pump house at George Hill Crediton (1933) (2 contracts)

3E/55.13 Copy of a bill to constitute the North Devon Water Board 1944

3E/55.14 Plan of Walden Water Works site 1922

3E/55.15 Invoices for photographs (1947)

3E/55.16 North Devon (Meldon Reservoir) Water Order 1966: statement for the House of Lords to choose Meldon for constructing a reservoir.

3E/55.17 Minutes of meeting at Okehampton Borough Council (July 1963) (5 copies) re regrouping of Water Undertakings

3E/55.18 Proposal to amalgamate the Okehampton Borough Supply with the North Devon Water Borough Undertaking (2 copies)

3E/55.19 Notes about Crediton Water supply (Sept 1963): information about consumption in early 60s and results of water sampling

3E/55.20 Letter about a meeting to discuss the question of the transfer of council’s water undertakings to the North Devon Water Board. (Sept 1963)

3E/55.21 Meetings of the Crediton Urban District Council agreed to oppose the Devon County Council Bill (Jan 1965). Also Barnstaple Rural District Council.

3E/55.22 Minutes of North Devon Water Board meetings (April 1965, June 1965, June 1966)

3E/55.23 Report- Crediton Urban District Council Water undertaking. Brief history of supplying water to Crediton. (1960?)

3E/55.24 Summary report on visit to Ministry of Housing & Local Government (Nov 1963) re the increased costs of sorting out a new sewerage works system for trade wastes. Smell is a problem.

3E/55.25 Selling of land from WJ Davey to Crediton Urban District Council (1953) with traced map

3E/55.26 Review of Activities (South West Water Service Ltd) showing photo of enlarged sewage treatment to serve Crediton

3E/55.27 Conveyance of water undertakings from Crediton UDC and North Devon Water Board (1969 1971)

3E/55.28 North Devon Water Board 1966 : invite to the unveiling of a memorial stone commemorating the public work of Major Ormsby Allhusen

3E/55.29 Plan of Reservoir & Pump House at George Hill (1897)

3E/55.30 Newspaper article about the discovery of reservoir under the High Street 1973 (50ft by 15ft by 6ft)

3E/55.31 Conveyance of water undertakings from Crediton UDC to NDWB 1971

3E/55.32 Public Notice about change constitution of North Devon Water Board in The western Morning News (Oct 1964)

3E/55.33 Letter about a print of North Devon Water Board Bill (1944) which would allow them to break up streets or roads to lay connecting mains