File 76

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Crediton Fee Farm Rents

3E/76.01 List of Fee Farm rents belonging to Mrs Smith, 1886 (over 24 names)

3E/76.02 Correspondence about rents due on Mrs Hunt’s Estate, 1881/2

3E/76.03 Letter concerning a mortgage from Atlas insurance Office London, 1832

3E/76.04 Draft Compensation Agreement for extinguishment of Fee Farm Rent, 1934

3E/76.05 Handwritten information about sharing of Fee Farms Rent of £146 8s 3d between: Edward Divett, John Henry Ley, Francis Edward Smith and Thomas Porter

3E/76.06 Compensation agreement for extinguishment of Fee Farm Rents on part Furze’s, 1930 (John Symes , William John Arundell)

3E/76.07 Compensation agreement on Glen Farm, 1935 (William Waldron)

3E/76.08 Compensation agreement on land at Union Terrace, 1934

3E/76.09 Vesting Declaration in respect of Fee Farm Rents, 1925. Includes information about ‘apportioned rent’ and ‘clear rent’ for different estates with a claim from one of the children of William Henry Symes for a share. (2 versions1925, 1930 something)

3E/76.10 Fee Farm Rent Book, 1875 and other years

3E/76.11 Fee Farm Rents due Lady Day, 1858. Account for Mrs Smith showing those who paid before Lady Day and seem to get a partial refund. The income seems to be shared between 4 people (surname Porter), each getting £26 14s 0d

3E/76.12 Abstract of Title to Fee Farm Rents from 1886 (2), 1934

3E/76.13 Compensation Agreement- John Symes to Mrs Cleave (2), 1935

3E/76.14 Correspondence concerning extinguishment of Fee Farm Rents, 1938 ( Symes on behalf of Arundell , Furzes to see if the fee farm rent was a ‘manorial incident’. Info and reply from the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries

3E/76.15 Letter from J Symes to Church Governors on redemption of Fee Farm Rents, 1934. This explains how the law was changed, to get rid of ‘manorial incidents-including fee farm rents’. Basically, the Property Act of 1922 meant that these were to go by 1936 either by a voluntary agreement between the parties concerned or by compulsory powers. The agreement involved 20 years purchase.

3E/76.16 Compensation agreement John Symes to Church Governors, 1935 Kellands House

3E/76.17 Receipt for Fee Farm Rents for Crediton, 1881

3E/76.18 Fee Farms Rents. Church Corporation Trust (1937) Rev Cochran’s Representatives requesting payment in cash, as they can’t have it in Stock