File 21 East Town

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Various documents relating to property in East Town


  • Tripartite indenture (1714)
  • George Trowbridge to Church Governors, messuage in East Town (1714)
  • Marriage Settlement - John Cleave to Joseph Morrish, marriage settlement between Joseph Morrish & Elizabeth Crispin (1741)
  • Samuel Lendon to Ann Passmore, lease for a year and release of a dwelling house in East Town (1816)
  • Thomas Berry to Samuel Kerslake, lease for a year (1818)
  • Messrs Shutes & Wreyford, release of a dwelling house (1818)
  • Probate - Probate of the Will of Joseph Thomas (1820)
  • Conveyance - Rev Lightfoot to Rev Manley, conveyance of premises in East Town (1836)
  • Mortgage - John Back to William Snow, mortgage on premises in East Town (1840)
  • Abstract of Title of Mr & Mrs Ocock, to an orchard and garden (1856)
  • Abstract of the Title of John Carthew to hereditaments in East Street (1896)
  • Tremayne Buller to Crediton UDC, conveyance of land, with plan (1916)
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  • Richard Ocock to John Ocock, indenture, 1000 year lease (1816)
  • Richard Ocock to George Melhuish, indenture, 3000 year lease for a spot of land in East Town (1816)

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