Box 26

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Various - see detail

File 199 The Crediton Poet, Christopher Jones


File 200 Bowden Hill Chapel

Papers relating to the History and eventual Demolition of the Unitarian Chapel,

1963 – 78. (Two Folders)

History of Bowden Hill Chapel, 1965.


File 201 Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations, 2002

Minutes of meetings


File 202 Exeter to Crediton Canal

Small plan of route

Notice of public meeting

Share Certificate in the name of James Buller, 1802

Newspaper Article about the Canal, 1980


File 203 Crediton Solicitors

List of Crediton Solicitors since 1800


File 204 Allotments

Note on early allotments

Details of allotment holders, C19


File 205 William Cooke – Vicar of Crediton


File 206 Gwen Bowles Collection (Filed Bay 6D)

Crediton High School for Girls Arden |Boarding House

1. Report of Reunion of ex-Ardenites ,1963

2. Report of Arden Reunion,1987

(a) Letter to ex-Ardenites from Gwen Bowles (nee Hill)

(b) Various biographical notes from ex-Ardenites (17)

(c) Some memories of boarding at Arden 1924 – 30 by E.C. Mair + other letters.

(d) Newspaper cutting about Arden House when it was a Council residential hostel for alcoholics (undated)

3. Four photos of Ardenites 1948 (from a photo album), and photo of Gwen Hill

4. 11 black & white postcards of Queen Elizabeth’s School, Crediton: The Grounds, Boarding House, South Front, Art Room, West Lavatory, Common Room, New Buildings, Swimming Pool, Dormitory, Gymnasium, St. Lawrence Chapel.

5. 3 B & W photos of sports teams, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket

6. Cloth Cap Badge for QE School, Crediton.

7. School Record Card for Dennis John Bowles, 1941 – 46.

8. Photos from Margaret Tucker of Reunion 1987 and report from Crediton Gazette.

9. Crediton High School Guild; Membership Card 1948 (G. Hill), and list of members dated 1963 – 64.

10. Reunion of Class 2 1940, pictures and reports from Courier 10/9/90 and Express & Echo 11/9/90.


File 207 Crediton Arts Club

“Too True to be Good” programme and Photographs, (1952)

“Macbeth” Programme, 1948

“Ambrose Applejohn’s Adventure” Programme, 1948

“At Mrs Beam’s” Programme, 1954

Newspaper Review of “Pygmalion”, 1953

Good-Will Party invitation, 1949

History of Crediton Arts Club by Arthur King Robinson

Assorted unlabelled photographs

2 Photographs from production of “The Chiltern Hundreds”, 1952

Newspaper cutting with photo of Dress Rehearsal of “Will Shakespeare”

“The Chiltern Hundreds” Programme, 1952

“The Dover Road” Programme & Photographs, 1952

Report for CAHMS on history of Crediton Arts Club, 1999

Photographs from production of “Thark”, 1950.

“Will Shakespeare” Programme, Photographs & Script, 1951 (Fragile)

“Payment Deferred” programme, 1950

“Thark” Programme, 1950.

“Will Shakespeare” provisional flyer, 1951

“Pygmalion” Programme, 1953

“Anastasia” Programme, 1955

Express & Echo cutting with photograph from production of “Thark”

“The Hollow” Script & Photographs (Fragile)

“Thark” Script (Fragile)

Crediton Arts & Crafts Exhibition, 1903

Catalogue of Crediton Arts & Crafts Exhibition, 1903


File 208 Bow Belle

Folder including CD, Tie, Book on History of Company


File 209 Berry & Vincent

Booklet, History of Berry & Vincent

History of Western Road

Interview by David Nation with retired Berry & Vincent Staff.

Berry & Vincent 1936-43, Precis of work done and members of staff involved. (No details of individuals to be published before 2044.

(CAHMS also hold company documents including details of work carried out and staff details. Still to be archived.)


File 210 C. Rodd & Co


File 211 Crediton Drama Centre – Kirton Kalls

“Mr Buller Remembers” Programme

“John Hayward’s Charity” Programme

“The Evacuees” Programme

Shakespeare in the Square “Henry IV pt 1” programme

“Today of All Day” programme

“Scarecrow” progrqmme


File 212 Poor Law

“The Agricultral Labourer” report.


File 213 Woolfardisworthy Parish Church

Inspection of Churches Measure, report, 1957


File 214 Millennium Celebrations

“Party in the Park”


File 215 Bread Riots, 1854


File 216 Crediton Workhouse/Western Lodge

Correspondence on Preservation of building

Sale Brochure for Western Hospital


File 217 Weaving & Wool Trade

Notes on the Wool Trade by Margaret Wollacott

Various Historical Publications on the Wool Trade in the West Country.


File 218 Bristows of Devon

A Brief History


File 219 An Amateur Tramp in Devon

Newspaper articles relating to a journalist who posed as a tramp and walked from Plymouth to Exeter via Crediton and stayed at the Workhouses overnight, 1912.


File 220 Fire at Shobrooke Park House

Narrative of the fire, by Lady Clare Shelley, 1945

Notes by Michael Fennessy

Newspaper articles


File 221 Dowrich House

Archaeological Notes by Robert Waterhouse, 2008.


File 222 Newcombes Estate Sale Brochure, 1936.