Queen Elizabeth's Community College - Honours Board

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Plaque at Queen Elizabeth's Community College (the old hall of the 1860 Grammar School building) transcribed by Dr Michael J. Fennessy in 2006

Date: 1860 - 1962

These 4 Boards list significant achievements. Only male persons listed between 1860-1962.

Full details of the memorial (including a photograph and its exact location) can be accessed by downloading the data file from the CMIAR website.


[Board 1 - Honours Gained]

[East Wall of Library]
SINCE 1860
1860. J. Marrack. St. John's Coll: Camb: 22nd Wrangler.
1861. C. Cooke. St. John's Coll: Camb: Senr Opt.
1862. J. B. Lee. Exeter Coll: Oxf: 2nd Cl: Final Classical Schools.
1866. R. G. Marrack. St John's College Cambridge 14th Wrangler.
1868. W. H. Symes. 1st Prize Incorporated Law Soc:.
1869. J. Fixott. Woolwich.
-- H. C. Robinson. Indian Civ: Service.
1870. P. N. Langdon. Indian Civ: Service.
-- W. Traies. Schol: Worc: Coll: Oxf: 1st Cl: Moderations 2nd Cl: Final Classical School. Fellowship Merton Coll: Oxf:.
1873. G. G. Robinson. Stapledon Scholar Exeter Coll: Oxf: 1st Cl: Moderations.
1874. W. T. Wellacott. Schol: St John's Coll: Camb: 24th Wrangler.
1876. G. H. Carthew. Clifford's Inn Prize.
1884. P. England. Foundation Schol: Christ's Coll: Camb:.
1885. E. W. Herbert. Math: Exh: Jesus Coll: Oxf: 2nd Cl: Mod: Math: 3rd Cl: Mod: Class:
1888. H. N. Matthews. Math: Exh: Queen's Coll: Camb:
1889. E. W. Herbert. 2nd Cl: Final Math: School.
-- G. E. Busch. Schol: at the Royal School of Mines.
-- W. F. E. Horrell. Silver Medal for Herbarium from Pharmaceutical Society. Redwood Schol:
[Because of use of curly bracket by sign-writer it is unclear whether Redwood Schol: applies to Horrel or Edwardes or both]
1891. F. E. Edwardes. Found: Schol: St John's Coll: Camb:. Camb: Local Senrs 1st Cl: 1st Div: 1st in Math:. Prize for Highest Aggregate.

[End of Board 1]

[Board 2 - Honours Board]
[West Wall of Library]
1896. F. E. Edwardes. 5th Wrangler.
1897. F. E. Edwardes. 1st Cl. Math. Tripos Pt II.
1898. H. E. Edwardes. Scholarship Camb.
1900. T. Syers. R.M.A.Woolwich. W. Sanders. R.N.E.College. Devon Exhibn. H. E. Edwardes. B.A. Honours (Classics) Camb. G. B. Sheppard. R.N.E.College. Devon Exhibn.
1902. E. C. Lee. B.A. Camb.
1903. E. E. Tucker. Scholarship Camb. R. C. Brook. Devon Exhibn.
1904. F. J. Harris. Int. B.Sc. Lond.
1906. W. S. Brook. Int. L.L.B. Lond. F. J. Harris. (Jun.) Int. B.Sc. Lond. H. G. Tranchell. R.M.C.Sandhurst. T. G. Sheppard. R.N.E.College. T. R. Welling. B.A. Oxford. C. H. Eyles. F.S.I.
1907. E. E. Tucker. 1st Cl. Mod. Lang. Tripos. F. W. Jackson. Int. B.Sc. Lond. Scholarship C.G.I.
1908. W. G. Sanders. 1st Cl. Honours Naval Architecture R.N.C.Greenwich. W. H. Eplett. 1st Cl. Certificate. Camborne.
1909. D. O. Russel. E.M. Degree. Colorado. E. E. Tremlett. Int. L.L.B. Lond. C. E. De la Bere. B.A. Oxford. C. R. Chown. Devon Exhib.
1910. G. Stevenson. Prizeman Medallist. R.V.C. F. M. Osborne. Int. B.A. Lond.
1911. C. R. Chown. A.R.C.S. 1st Cl. Honours B.Sc. Lond. W. G. Cooper 1st Cl. Honours B.Sc. Lond. R. T. Toogood. A.M.I.C.E. I. Samuels. L.D.S. F. W. Jackson. B.Sc. Lond. A.C.G.I. W. H. Ravenhill. B.A. Oxford. F. R. Bright. B.Sc. Lond. R. G. Turrall. Scholarship Camb. Int. B.Sc. Lond. Devon Exhibn. J. R. Phillips. Indian Police. B. C. Dening. R.M.A.Woolwich. F. D. Montague. R.M.C.Sandhurst.
1912. E. E. Tremlett. Prizeman Grays Inn. Holt Schol.
1913. E. E. Tremlett. Arden Schol. 1st Cl. Honours in L.L.B. London with Exhibn. C. Hector. Mus. Bac. New Coll. Oxford. (A.R.C.O. 1894. L.R.A.M. 1898.) F. D. Montague. passed 7th. from Sandhurst. R. G. Turrall. 1st in 1st Cl. Intercoll. Examn Mechanical Science.
1914. W. A. Roach. Devon County Major. Scholarship, Open Scholarship at Royal College of Science. B. C. Dening. Passed out of Woolwich 5th. W. H. Thomas. Third Class Honours, Final School of Modern Languages Oxford. E. E. Tremlett. First in Trinity Bar Exam. Prize 50 and Scholarship of 105 for 3 years. Called to the Bar. F. J. Harris. Final B.Sc. London.
1915. H. J. Mortimer and H. S. Skinner. R.M.A.Woolwich. J. A. C. Kneel. Naval Clerkship.
1916. R. P. Hill. History Exhibition, St. Catherine's College, Cambridge. G. H. Farleigh. Engineering Scholarship, Bristol University. J. V. White and C. G. Bicknell. R.M.A.Woolwich. W. A. Roach. A.R.C.S.
1917. W. J. Barnes. W. S. Martin & W. H. G. Roach. Int. B.Sc. Lond. W. S. Martin. Scholarship at Univ. Coll. Exeter. F. D. Mann. 22nd R.M.A.Woolwich. H. P. Steed. R.M.C.Sandhurst. W. A. Roach. Final B.Sc. Lond. R.I.C.S.
1918. A. P. Lambooy. R.M.A.Woolwich.

[End of Board 2]

[Board 3 - Honour Board]
[West Wall of Library]
1920-1. W. G. E. Quick, London Inter. B.Sc., Devon Major Scholarship.
1922. G. H. Farleigh, B.Sc. (Engineering), Bristol.
1923. J. V. White, B.Sc. (Eng.), Bristol; A. L. Baker, Math. Scholarship, Manchester; W. S. Martin, M.Sc. London.
1924. W. S. Martin, Ph.D., London.
1925. F. M. Osborne, M.A. Lond. (Educ.) Eng. Hons. Exeter Coll. Oxford (1926) A. W. Weeks, Devon Major Schol.
1926. A. C. T. Blease, 3rd Cl.Hons., Mech. Sc. Tripos, Cambridge; A. W. Weeks, 1st Cl. 1st Pt Math. Tripos, Cambridge; A. L. L. Baker, 1st Cl. Hons. Technology, Manchester; R. H. G. Burridge, 1st Cl. Hons. Mathematics, London; W. G. Kellaway, Devon Major Scholarship.
1927. A. W. Weeks, Exhibition, Selwyn Coll. Camb.; F. C. Bawden, ditto Emmanuel Coll.; G. W. Boase, B.Sc. (Eng.) Lond.; S. J. Coombes, B.Sc. Lond.; K. H. Massey, B.Sc. (Eng.) Bristol.
1928. A. W. Weeks, Senior Optime. Math. Trip. Pt. 2, Camb.; F. C. Bawden, 1st Cl. Hons. Nat. Sci. Pt.1, Camb.; Agricultural Diploma;
1929. W. G. Kellaway, 2nd Cl. Hons. Math., Lond.; W. H. Newcombe, B.Sc., Lond.; W. J. Carnell & H. J. Down, Devon Major Schol.
1930. F. G. Carnell, Devon Major Schol. & Hist. Schol. Exeter Coll., Oxford; W. J. Carnell, English Schol., Keble Coll., Oxford; G. H. Rusbridger, 2nd Cl. Hons., Hist., Oxford.
1931. S. R. Pethrick, 1st Cl. Hons., Chemistry, B.Sc., Lond.; C. J. W. Parkin, B.A. Camb. (Maths.)
1932. H. J. Martyn, Devon Major Schol.; H. J. Down, 2nd Cl. Hist. Pt 1. Camb.; W. J. Carnell & R. W. B. Howarth, 2nd Cl. Hons. English, Oxford; N. C. C. de Jong, B.Sc., 1st Cl., Lond. Engineering. H. J. Lake, 2nd Cl. Hons. Architecture, Liverpool.
1933. H. J. Down, 2nd Cl. Hons. Hist. Pt.2, Camb.; F. Lake & I. W. G. Sanders, B.A. Lond.; H. B. C. Horrell, 2nd Cl. Law, Pt.1. Camb.
1934. F. G. Carnell, 1st Cl. Hons. Hist. Oxford; H. B. C. Horrell, 1st Cl. Hons., Law, Pt.2. Camb,; N. C. C. de Jong, 6th place Inspectors, Post Office.; H. M. B. Phillips, Engineering Schol., Bristol.
1935. H. B. C. Horrell, 5th in Final Bar Examination. F. G. Carnell, 2nd Cl. Hons. Modern Greats, Oxford. R. Ford, B.Sc. M.R.C.V.S. Edinburgh.
1936. LT Colonel Sir Arthur Churcher, Mayor of Windsor: Knighthood conferred.
1937. W. J. Carnell: Final Bar Examination. F. G. Carnell: Lothian Prize Oxford. H. D. Budge: F.L.A. J. F. Clarke: 2nd Cl. Hons. French, Camb. W. C. Hulland: 2nd Cl. Hons. Geog. Lond. H. M. B. Phillips: B.Sc., Engineering, Bristol. R. A. Lake: Mod. Lang. Tripos. Pt.1. W. H. Pawsey: Maths. Tripos. Pt.1.
1938. R. A. Lake: 2nd Cl. Hons. Geog. Camb. F. D. T. Reid: B.Sc., Engineering. Bristol. H. J. Steer: B.Sc., Agriculture, Wales, 1st Cl. Hons., Economics, 1939.
1939. W. H. Pawsey: 2nd Cl. Hons. Economics, Camb. E. H. Pyle. (Devon Major & State Schol., Coll. Exhibition,) 1st Cl. Natural Science Tripos, Pt.1, & Senior Schol., Emmanuel Coll. Camb.

[End of Board 3]

[Board 4 - Honour Board]
[North Wall of Library]
1947 F. H. J. Cornish, State Scholarship. D. W. Hubbard. Open Scholarship, Bristol University.
1951 C. M. B. Taylor. State Scholarship. J. Prince. Open Choral Studentship, St. John's College, Cambridge.
1952 H. G. Roseveare. Open Exhibition, Downing College, Cambridge. State Schol. C. M. B. Tylor. Exhibition, Downing College, Cambridge.
1955 C. H. Prince. Open Choral Studentship, St. John's College, Cambridge.
1956 R. Winslade. Scholarship, Bristol University.
1957 J. K. Brookhouse. State Scholarship.
1958 G. A. Molland. Open Exhibition. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. State Scholarship.
1959 M. Sandford. Open Exhibition, Christ's College, Cambridge. State Scholarship.
1960 F. M. Clayton. State Scholarship. Open
Exhibition in Mathematics to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. G. G. B. Klaus. State Scholarship. (Bristol University Veterinary School). P. J. G. Corp. State Scholarship (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst)
1962 D. J. Colwell. State Scholarship. (Nottingham University). T. P. Treeby. State Scholarship. Corpus Christi, Cambridge.

[End of Board 4]