Deaths and Burials following the Great Fire of Crediton, 1743

Evidence of the human toll of the fire from Crediton's Parish Registers

It is not possible to say exactly how many people died as a result of the fire. Some sources say it was fourteen, others as many as eighteen.

Many people would have been injured, suffered from burns or smoke inhalation; some of these might have died some time later.

The parish register records fifteen deaths in the days following the fire:

August 15th : William Stone, Samuel Kingwell, George Crossman, Sarah Gibbons

August 16th : John Manley, William Bradford, Thomas May, Jane May, Simon Leach, John Roach, Mary Roach

August 19th : Laurence Labdon

August 21st : Robert Phillips, Mary Kerswell

August 22nd : Mary Phillips

The burial register does not record causes of death – so it is not possible to say if all the above were casualties of the Great Fire.

‘Lucy Tenant of Crediton’ – the ‘Mrs Tennent’ mentioned in the wig-maker’s testament - was buried at Thorverton, Aug 15th.