William Chapple’s 1743 Map of Crediton : Encroachments

A transcription of the table of encroachments on Sheet 5 of Chapple’s map

A TABLE Containing the Encroachments that have been lately made by erecting Buildings, Penthouses, Porches, Pallisadoes, Bulks and Stalls projecting forwards into the Streets, with References to the same respectively (on) the MAP, setting forth the Measure of such Projectures.

A. At the East end of the Town, near the Star, is a Garden inclos’d before the House of Mrs Atkins, containing 9ft in Breadth and 26ft in Length

B. A Penthouse erected in 1740, projecting about 3ft forwards and about 15ft in Length

C. Mr Stephen Shoot’s Brick-House, built 1738, with Pallisadoes before it about 30ft in Length, projecting forwards 4ft & half

D. Wm Bradford’s now Wm Tonkin’s House opposite the Church-yard Stile. Projects 2ft 4in. Length 30ft

E. A Garden before Saml Melhuishe’s House enclosed with Pallisadoes 9ft 9in by 11½ft. Quære whether he holds this by lease

F. Mr Yard’s House, opposite to the last-mentioned Garden, Pallisadoes erected in the Year 1743, projecting 2ft 9in, Length 46ft

G. An ancient Encroachment before Mr Jno Harris’s House, a Porch and Pales projecting about 2ft 9in and about 30ft in length

H. A Penthouse late Wm Weeks’s projecting out over a Shop 3ft forwards and about 25ft long

I. In the Back Lane, a Bulk before Mr Bradford’s House, with a Penthouse over, built about 10 years ago

[There is no entry for 'J']

K. Late Mr Stone’s House (now Sam. Cook Esq) Built about 30 Years ago and projecting forward 5ft, length 60ft

L. The Anchor Inn, Mr Thomas Bridgeman’s, built about 12 Years ago, projecting out even with the last mentioned, Length 44ft

NB Both these last-mentioned Fronts as also other Encroachments in the Town, are supported by Columns, the Bases of which are represented on the Map by these Marks o o o o o o

M. Mr Saml Hooker’s House, built about 2 Years ago, it is about 37ft in Front, and projects forward in a very narrow part of the Street 4ft 9in

N. A little Shop built within 10 Years past before the Ship Inn which is a Tenemt held by Susanna Guins by Lease from the Lord of the Manor. It is 10ft in Length and projects forward about 5 feet

NB On both sides of the Street from Saml Hooker’s last-mentioned, before the King’s Head and Bear Inns on the North and from the last-named little Shop before Mrs Guin’s Tenement, James Lee’s, Chrr Sanders’s, Mr Yerrad’s, and Saml Hooker’s on the South, are ancient Penthouses , which the Occupiers of those Tenements let out to Butchers and other People to shelter the Goods which they bring into the Market to sell, and by so doing defraud the Farmer of the Market of his Tolls and Dues

O. This of Edward Shepherd’s was Penthouses like the rest til about August last (viz. 1742) when part of it was inclos’d to a Shop

P. Mr Salter’s. This front was built about 25 years ago, and was then brought forwards about 4ft and is about 28ft in length

Q. A house in possession of Thomazin Colliton built about 18 years ago to the extent of what was before a Penthouse ; it is now supported by columns which project forwards about 4ft and is about 28ft in length

R. Jno Newcombe Esq. These are old penthouses of long standing; but in Septr 1742 part thereof at the East end was enclos’d

S. The Pallisadoes before late Bond’s, now inhabited by Mr Francis Hite, were erected about 15 years ago. They project about 2ft. Length about 17ft

T. Benj. Hooker’s House. Built about 4 years ago, the front supported by Columns which project forward about 4ft. The length about 16ft.

U. Mrs Mary Gould’s House built about 12 years ago, and then brought forward about 3½ft. Length about 22ft

[There is no entry for 'V']

W. Mr Whitfield’s Tenements. This front is in length about 80ft and is in part an Ancient Encroachment on the street, but was brought more forward about 10 years ago, and now serves to shelter Market Goods of divers kinds

NB The Penthouses before Mr Benj Stanbury’s House, Mr Shapland’s and some others not before mentioned are encroachments Time out of Mind in the same form they now are

X. Opposite the Fish-Shambles on the North, before Mr Hite’s House, and West of the Porch, are Pallisadoes fixt up about 10 Years ago, which project out about 2½ft and are 15ft in length

Y. Next to the last, before Mr Kingdom’s House are Pallisadoes like the former, continuing from end to end about 46ft and were fixt up about 4 years ago

Z. A Smith’s Penthouse before the lands of Sir John Davy which projects 9ft and in a narrow part of the street

Aa. Pallisadoes before Mr Terry’s House, projecting about 3ft. Length about 44ft

Ab. Further up, on the South side of the street, before the land of Mr Cock, is another Smith’s Penthouse, now let to Saml. Rewdal. It projects about 7ft & is of ancient standing

Ac. Further up, before the lands of the said Mr Cock, is another Penthouse built about 8 Years ago; it projects about 4ft½ and is about 10ft long, now in possession of Thomas Shute

Ad. Opposite to the last, before Mr Roberts’s, are Pales erected about 7 Years ago and which project about 1ft½

Ae. On the North side of the street, before the Lands of Jno Strong is a Porch erected about Two Years since, which projects about 2ft 8in forwards

Af. A Garden adjoining Mary Roache’s Land, near Cock-Well qt about 25ft by 22ft. Enclosed by Jno Battishill about 2 or 3 years ago

Ag. Further West, and adjoining Mr Robert Bolts’ land is another little garden qt abt 25ft by 15ft and was enclosed by Geo Gribble about 6 Years ago & is now in the possession of Thomas Hollocombe

Ah. Further West and on the North of Saml Hooker’s Land is another little garden qt abt 30ft by 15ft inclosed by Roger Beer abt 20 years ago and now in the possession of Richd Vowler

NB These little enclosures have often been Presented at the Lord’s Court