Arthur Richardson MBE

Arthur Richardson, Crediton violin maker.

Recently, CAHMS was contacted by Casey Ellison, owner of Arthur Richardson violin number 227, made in 1935. Casey was trying to find out a little more information about Mr Richardson and the violin, and our archivist John Heal was able to fill in some gaps. It was a useful reminder to us that there isn't much material on our website about one of Crediton's more famous sons.

Working from his Crediton home, Derbyshire-born Mr Richardson (1882-1965) made 291 violins, 207 violas and 28 cellos. In partnership with the renowned violist Lionel Tertis, he did much to popularise the viola.

Alan Quick wrote a detailed biography of Mr Richardson for the Crediton Courier. We are hoping to acquire permission to reproduce it.

There is further historical information, and a charming personal encounter, in the section entitled 'A Crediton Craftsman' of Eric Delderfield's book 'Just Wandering in Devon' published by Raleigh in 1954.



 Arthur Richardson, with 2 of his violins and a viola.



Some of Mr Richardson's templates and moulds, on display in a recent Crediton Museum exhibition.



 This is Richardson violin number 221, made in 1935, and happily still in Devon.