Leopold Agar Denys Montague (1861-1940)

Soldier, author and antiquities collector

Photograph of Leopold Agar Denys Montague

Photograph courtesy of RAMM

Leopold Montague was born in Exeter. After retiring from the army he devoted his time to archaeology. He collected coins, ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian objects, finds from Mesopotamia, or modern Iraq, and wood carvings from the Pacific islands. He displayed his collections at his house in Crediton.

Montague artifactsMontague exchanged many letters with other collectors, scholars and dealers. During the 1930s he was involved in the excavation of Roman Exeter. He also wrote articles about local archaeology, as well as plays and a children’s book, and carved his own furniture.

You can find out more about Leopold Montague at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery in Exeter.