General Sir Redvers Buller

Redvers Buller's career in the army of Queen Victoria, of whom he became a favourite, began in 1858, and took him to many parts of the British Empire.

His first service abroad, like that of so many your officers, was in India. In 1887, he was serving in Canada and was instrumental in the supression of a French Canadian rebellion. His "Red River Expedition" involved the marching of troops through some 1200 miles of virgin territory. However, he really made his name in Africa, where he took part in the Ashanti and Zulu Wars and in the attempt to relieve Gordon at Khartoum. During the Zulu War he won the Victoria Cross, having led a group of 400 horse and 300 natives against a Zulu impi of some 20,000. He saved the lives of at least 4 men while the battle was raging.

Buller retired to Downes in 1902, having served as General Officer commanding British forces in the Boer War.